FS - Chapter Seven (Part Two)Mature

“So, you're the human girl Arik was talking about,” she murmured, unimpressed eyes scanning me. So Arik was here already?
“My name's Erika,” I replied, unsure of what else to say.
“I know your name idiot” she said, dropping her shoulders slightly to give me a are-you-stupid? Look. I felt my cheeks redden a little and tried not to stutter. I didn't understand why she was being mean, what had Arik said?
“Usually one replies with their own, Luucya,” Leonard said from behind me. I twirled to glance at him in surprise. I thought he'd chosen to ignore me from now on?

“Trust you to leap to the poor girl's defence. You needn't work so hard, I'm sure she's easy enough,” The women replied. That insult I did get and I felt my fists clench. Then Leonard surprisingly cool grip stopped my wrists from moving. I sent him a glare but he didn't seem phased by it in the slightest.
“Just because you're of that persuasion, doesn't mean every girl who gets Arik attention is,” Leonard said, and I saw the blow actually hit her as her smile grew tighter and her eyes narrowed.
“Oh, I don't need tricks like that to get his affections.” She grew her burning eyes on me now, her voice evidently cruel.
“I was his childhood friend before he left. Besides, humans look ugly to the drac.” I felt my muscles stiffened and my fist clench tighter still. She left before Leonard's let my wrist go. He covered my mouth before I could yell at him and dragged e to the side.

“The last thing you want is draw too much attention by punching one of the high officials daughter,” Leonard said before I could explode in his face. I crossed my arms and tried to breath away my annoyance. It only half worked.
“What the hell was that? I didn't even know her and she was insulting me,” I said. I'd been insulted before, of course I had. But this felt a lot more personal than teasing gone too far.
“She's just worried your friendship with Arik will prevent her own attempts to get him,” Leonard explained. I snorted and glanced back at the crowd, I could see Arik now. That women, Luucya was what Leonard had called her, and many others were around him. I guess a lot of people wanted to be queen.

“Bit dumb. If she'd been nice I would've talked her up to Arik. Now I'll tell him to stay the hell away from her,” I replied with a shrug.
“That might work. But us guys tend to be a bit dumb. And she's right. She and Arik were childhood friends before he ran away. He's probably completely ignorant of how she's changed,” Leonard replied. I frowned, Arik had more intelligence than that, right? I glanced at Leonard, he was watching me carefully.
“Is what she said about you true then?” I asked, failing not to sound rude. Leonard laughed.
“I won't deny taking my fair share of lovers. But a human pushes the multi-species barrier a little too far for my tastes,” Leonard said. I raised an eyebrow in curiosity, he seemed pretty close to human to me.

“Those exist?” I asked, feeling kind of stupid. Of course they would, every type of weird relationship was out there. Why should one between two of different species surprise me.
“Yes. Though usually within a sensible sphere of logic. Certain species are stronger than others. Its just a fact. Only those close in terms of things like that would pursue anything,” Leonard explained. I nodded, it sounded like it wasn't too horribly discriminated against.
“A human and Drac could never be together,” Leonard added. I blinked at him.
“I guessed that already,” I replied, trying to keep the “duh” out of my voice as best as I could.
“Just thought I should say it,” he defended with a half-hearted shrug. Someone called his name and he left. And my mind kept going back to the most pathetic and obvious of Luucya's words.

Besides, humans look ugly to the drac

I was infuriated that it bothered me so much.

The End

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