FS - Chapter Six (part one)Mature

Chapter Six

I looked up in surprise at the voice and saw a guy who looked mostly human smoking a cigarette, or whatever the alien equivalent of one was. Hey, maybe it was weed, how the hell was I to know?
“You ain't too good at concentrating are you?” he asked and I realised I'd completely blanked him.
“Sorry,” I mumbled.
“You want me to show you out or what?” he asked and I nodded, murmuring my thanks. While I was walking with him I figured I may as well take a look at him. He had long black hair that was pulled into a tie at the back and freakishly white skin. It had been kinda shadwoy before so I hadn't noticed, but under the stark white lights of what I assume is a main corridor, it stood out clearly. His fingers were stained black and sharp. He was dressed in a long jacket and simple trousers. Nothing fancy or out of this world, except maybe the strange mark on his forehead.

“So, who are you?” I asked, trying and failing to sound casual.
“I'm Leonard, only here because of the dumb council meeting. I don't understand the point in them. Everyone argues and nothing gets done,” He replied.
“Wait...are you royalty as well?” I asked and he scoffs.
“Maybe the Drac hold onto those primitive ideals, but the Ley? Not so much. We have a group of officials, each time someone different is elected to go. My dads one of them and I get dragged so I can attempt to make a name for myself and join the group when dad retires. Of course not my first choice of how I'd live, but my dads annoying that way,” Leonard ranted and I resisted the urge to ask who the Ley were. They weren't a species I'd ever encountered. Most I'd seen were much more visible different.
“Here you go, enjoy the air. And since you asked, I'll ask. Whys a human here?”
“I came with Arik from Earth...Argon attacked it,” I replied. He gave me a stunned look.
“As in the missing prince Arik?” He asked, closing the space between us a little too quickly for my liking.

“Not that Earth being attacked isn't a sad thing, but the prince? That's one big deal, how did you know all this time and not say anything? What's he even like? Does he look like his sister?” he ranted and I struggled to keep track of his questions whilst feel rightly offended by his disregard for my own race.
“Stop!” I yelled and he mined zipping his lips.
“I didn't know until today, and he's a lying, immature prate as far as I'm concerned right now. And he only looks like Cera in the green scaly skin sense from what I can tell,” I replied, answering the questions in order.
“Now can you go, I kind of wanted out for the peace and quiet,” I said. He opened his mouth to ask what I guess was another question but thought better of it. I wouldn't be surprised if I looked ready to tear his throat out.
“See you around Human,” He yelled as he left.

“My name's Erika,” I yelled in response, though I doubt he paid it any attention. I turned away from the white building and saw a field full of dark green plants, it looked similar to grass, but it was thicker and softer to the touch. On the other side of the field was some trees and bushes. Though the pale blue berries on the bushes weren't something I recognised. The trees bark was more a pale green than the brown we had on earth, which I guess made sense considering how much Arik would climb in amongst the trees. I took another step and heard a crisp crunch. When I looked down I realised the purple I'd seen were fallen leaves. Was it their autumn maybe? I wondered what colour they were normally if they turned dark purple on dying. The sound of nearing footsteps made me turn around.

The End

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