FS - Chapter Five (part two)Mature

“Argon,” Arik whispered quietly. She paled at the name and the calm professional look was replaced by seething anger for a mere second. Then it was gone again. I wish I could hide my emotions that well.
“What did he do this time?” She sounded tired when she spoke, I guess it was hard hearing that your own twin was doing bad thing after bad thing.
“He destroyed the home we'd managed to salvage on Earth,” I said when no one seemed willing to speak. Cera looked up from her hand to study me.
“How many of you were left?” she asked.
“Humans? Around seventy, I don't know how many of that number survived his attack. Apart from me and Ian,” I replied. She nodded mutely and turned to the ground for a few silent seconds. I noticed Arik was watching me now with wide-eyes before looking away with fists clenched. I wondered what had shocked him? Or maybe in all the turmoil of facing his past he'd forgotten my own situation?

“We had around a dozen or so others all of mixed origins,” I added.
“Well, I'll have to start on a report, I'll need to ask you to recount the events to me one-to-one,” Garrison said gruffly into the silence. I was grateful for the interruption and nodded a wordless yes.
“Yes, I'll leave that to you. But I must go, the council has insisted I attend this meeting,” Cera said standing up. She locked gazes with Arik and smiled softly.
“I will ensure to catch up on all I've missed when I return. I imagine you have quite some stories to tell me of your life on Earth,” Cera laughed and warmth lit her eyes. It wasn't reflected in Arik though he a muttered an agreement. She somehow managed to leave quickly but maintain a graceful appearance. Me in a rush could never pull that off. Heck, me trying couldn't. Suddenly a lot of Arik's odd mannerisms and way of speaking made sense. Most Drac I met were brutish but not Arik. I guess being raised as a prince made him different.

Garrision stood up and we followed him, he took us to another wall but this time the place looked a lot more invited unlike that stiff meeting room. There was sofa cushions and a fireplace, or their equivalent. The flames were a much vivid red than the ones you'd find on Earth. I couldn't help but study them, watching how they danced.
“The wood here's different to the kind you have on Earth,” I glanced up at Arik's voice. He looked more relaxed now, but his voice still sounded off. Maybe it was weird for him to talk about his home planet?
“Yeah, I noticed your forests look a different, maybe we should go explore them at some point? Before we head back to Earth I mean,” I said. Arik watched me with wide-eyes and I raised an eyebrow.
“What?” I asked.
“Erika...Earth...what you'd go back to-”
“So? I'll just re-build. And then I'll find others who survived,” I replied, not caring that I inturrupted him.

“And be a sitting target for when Argon next decides to finish off the Human race?” Arik replied, eyebrows down and fierce.
“Am I supposed to just abandon my home as easily as you did? Why the hell did Argon and his merry-evil band choose to send half the universe after Humans anyway?” I asked, knowing the moment the words left my mouth they were horribly insensitive, I saw the moment the sting of it hit him.
“Erika...that's not fair, you don't know-”
“Well maybe you should've told me. Childhood friends and all, you'd think you'd trust me,” I said. I realised the others were silent, watching us carefully.

“Stop starring!” I yelled then I stood up and left. Because suddenly being in the same room as any of them bothered me. Especially Arik. All of a sudden he was a completely different person and I didn't understand and I just....needed air. I wondered the corridors aimlessly and felt my frustration go.
“Where the hell is the door out of this place!” I yelled, fists clenched either side of me.
“That would be on the other side of the building girlie.”

The End

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