FS - Chapter Five (part one)Mature

Chapter Five

The ship landed with a small bump, I glanced over at Arik but his face was impossible to read. I thought I'd just cheered him up a bit, but maybe this was too much of a reality for him to ignore. The cargo door whirred loudly as it closed. I suddenly realised any familiar sounds would be ones made by this ship. And the voices of those standing with me. Suddenly the whole magnitude of what happened hit me. Earth could be potentially gone.  Ian and I might be the last humans alive for all I knew. The thought was too terrifying and I forced my mind to push it aside.
On the other side the guy from earlier – Arik had called Garrison right? - and the his sister...no the queen, were waiting. I was never going to wrap my head round all this. Arik would yell at me if I treated him differently. But how would the others react. The drac that left us alone didn't really bother to help us either. Looking at the women before I could sense a coldness that sent a shiver up my spine. Her eyes were too calculating, just like her twin brothers. Her hair fell in beautiful sweeps, but in person I could see how silky and smooth it was. Her scaled skin held no flaws, as if she had been tailored to be the perfect queen from her appearance alone.

“Is that really you?” She said, locking gazes with Arik. The slight quiver in her voice broke whatever mask I had just seen.
“Yes,” He said, his voice too controlled. She took a step forward and then threw her arms round him. Arik stiffened and he didn't return it. Though she didn't seem to care. Her eyes were watering a little. How could I think for a second this women was cold? I guess it made sense to act that way though. Being queen can't be easy. She let Arik go and quickly composed herself, brushing away the water from her eyes and studied each of us in turn.
“Well, you'll have to let me know everything that's happened. And introduce me,” She said with a small smile. Arik didn't return it.
“Okay,” he replied.
“Let's go, one of the conference rooms is free,” Garrison said, interrupting the tension building in Arik's muscles. At him, Arik threw a smile. Wow, I could see the hurt on his sister face, as if Arik had slapped her. The landing area was bigger than any airport I'd seen but it was nothing compared to inside. The walls were and ceiling were white and they weren't made of any material I'd seen. The floors were covered in deep carpets that radiated warmth. But I'm pretty sure that wasn't the reason I was sweating.

I was about to be introduced to the queen of a whole other planet. I'd grown up with her little brother, the god damn prince. I could feel myself starting to panic a little. She could chose to send e back to earth. What if she thinks I was the reason he never returned. Though would that reasoning be so bad? Garrison a piece of wall and a pad emerged. Okay that's freaky but awesome technology. He tapped some code in and doors opened from nowhere. I get the feeling it'd be easy to get lost in this place. Were all the doors invisible until opened?
Inside was a wide, circular table with plush chairs. There was a panel here similar to the ships, only it looks a bit more simplistic. There was a tiny thing poking out of the ceiling and aiming at the wall. So I figured it might be some kind of projecting thing and the panel controlled it.

“Take a seat,” The women – no wait, queen – said with a liquid voice. I sat. It was going to be hard getting used to calling someone queen.
“Don't look so panicked. Call my Cera. Unless of course it's a formal setting, then others may not appreciate it,” Cera said. It was as if she'd read my mind. Wait...can drac do that?
“I'm Erika,” I said, because my brain was still too befuddled to think up a better response. Cera nodded and turned to the others. Ian stepped up first.
“I'm Ian, that's Kimla.” Kimla looked more than grateful he'd introduced her so she didn't have to stutter.

“Gloria. It's a pleasure to make you're acquaintance your majesty,” Gloria said, with a regal air I didn't know she possessed. It made me feel uncoordinated, like a big person smashing china in their wake. I glanced over at Arik who had refused to sit down and leant against the wall. I'd never seem him so frigid before. This would be a lot easier if he was being his normal self.
“So, who do I have to thank for returning my younger brother to me?” Cera asked. Arik seemed to twitch at her affectionate words, his eyes twisting with suspicion. Oh god, Arik! give her a break, I thought with a inner sigh.

The End

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