FS - Chapter Four (Part one)Mature

Chapter Four

Kimla rushed around the medical room, finding this antiseptic and that bandage. Her thoughts seemed very scattered and honestly I couldn't blame her.
“Why do you think they're chasing us?” I asked and she paused in her actions to meet my gaze.
“I don't know...” she trailed off, chewing her lower lip. I could see the beginning of tears in her eyes.
“Did anyone else get to the ship?” I asked and she shook her head. She brushed away the thin line of water forming in her eyes and took a deep breath.
“Right, let's clean that wound properly and re-bandage it,” she said calmly. I didn't argue as she went about her business, though I winced a little at the stinging as she dabbed the antiseptic on.

“I saw them-” Kimla took a rushed breath and she put the antiseptic down. She was shaking and her eyes looked so haunted. I waited for her to continue, because Kimla wasn't a strong person despite what she claimed, she needed to talk, to cry and get things out.
“The children, they just-” she didn't finish the sentence as a loud, rough breath left her lungs and she raised her hand to her mouth, closing her eyes hard. I got up and grabbed a tissue which she took gratefully. I could feel my fist's clench and I was so pissed. So unbelievably mad. Why did some of the drac think they had this right to just own us? To tear us to pieces? They couldn't keep getting away with this surely. Kimla steadied her breaths and grabbed a fresh pack of bandages. I sat in silence as she covered my shoulder, aware of every sniffle she made as she worked. Arik was going to explain why that had happened, because it had something to do with him. It was clear as the stars above us.

“Preparing for hyper-jump, hold onto something guys,” Arik's voice crackled down the ships intercom system. Kimla grabbed the sink without hesitation and motioned to the bolted down table nearby. I gripped it, not really sure why. Then everything shifted suddenly and I felt like every part of me was being pulled from different angles. When the sensation finally stopped I collapsed to the floor, coughing loudly with a killer headache.
“The first one's always the worst,” Kimla said kneeling next to me. She handed me a cup of water and some tablets. That was fast reflexes even for her.
“Did I pass out?” I asked and she nodded.

“Let's go,” She said before I had a chance to ask anything else. Like what the hell had just happened. I forced the pills down and gulped the water quickly. Arik was staring very intently out the front window. I wasn't able to stop the gasp as I looked and saw the planet we were moving towards. It was covered in the deepest, azure-blue seas I'd ever seen. And I assumed the land was the areas covered mostly in purple. I recalled an early conversation between me and Arik when he had been confused by the green leaves and suppressed a smile. There was barely a cloud in the sky and for a second I wondered about the atmosphere. But Arik could breath the earth's air, it would only make sense I could breath his planet's. The switch from earlier blinked red and this time it wasn't with a glare he flicked it, but more a defeated sigh. The person on the other side was in some kind of office, he had grey hair and eyes and one heck of a scar across his face. I wondered if he was angry with the scowl on his face, but the deep lines on his face suggested it was probably a permanent feature. I thanked gods that Arik had given me some vague lessons in understanding his language, even if I had no hope of being able to say the words myself. Except he spoke in English, which confused me.

“You are an unlicensed vehicle about to enter Dramician airspace, I hope you have a good reason for being here. Or I'll be sending missiles your way,” He grunted with a bored voice. I thought I saw Arik lip twitch upwards just a bit.
“Since you ask so kindly, garrison. Earth was attacked by Argon and his men. We barely got away,” Arik said. The weathered man's face scrunched up, watching Arik closely.
“How do you know my name, kid?” he asked, his voice remote.
“Don't think that's important. What is important, is that I'm pretty sure Argon and his men are close behind and we really don't want to blown to bits by either of you,” Arik said.
“You will explain yourself or I will ensure I beat Argon to the punch. If he has the guts to go near this planet,” He added with a dark mutter. Arik let out a long sigh and glanced our way for the barest of seconds.

“Is Cera there?” he asked and the man on the other end sent an outright glare.
“Not for you, and you will address her probably by calling her the queen. I should blast you to smithereens for that,” He replied coldly.
“Maybe we should go somewhere else...” Ian trailed off but Arik let out a laugh.
“No, we'll be allowed in,” Arik said. There was something sad in his voice when he said that. Garrison watched him carefully, probably trying to figure out how he knew his name.
“You can blow us up if you want Garrison. But I'm sure my sister, Cera, wouldn't much appreciate that,” He said. Emphasising the word sister. Wait....what?

The End

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