FS - Chapter Two (part one)Mature

Chapter Two

I felt claws dig into my shoulder before my legs had the chance to give out under me. I yelped loudly as the person yanked me back and another arm circled me. Oh god, this was it. After everything I'd fought my way through, I was going to die. Arik was nowhere in sight and I knew if I yelled he wouldn't get to me in time. I felt my own warm blood trickle down my arm, absorbing itself into the material of my top. Why didn't this guy just get it over and done with already?!

“You pulled the others out of the building, just like we needed. Enslaving the last of your pathetic race should be easy work now.” The feel of his warm breath against my ear made me shiver. I gritted my teeth as realisation dawned. A trap, and I'd been lured like a complete fool.
“You know what's really pathetic?” I said, no longer caring. The sharp burning pain in my shoulder intensified as he dug his claws deeper and I fought the tears blurring my vision.
“Did I say you could speak, human?” he growled, his other hand snaking upwards to cover my mouth. He yanked me closer still and I couldn't stop an escaping tear as his claws shifted under my skin. Mistake, I thought with grim satisfaction. I bit down on his hand hard, drawing blood. He cried out and threw me away. Which with drac strength, really hurt. I rolled over and stood up quickly. My left hand instinctively reaching to cover the back of my shoulder. It had to be my right arm didn't it? It made me next to useless in a fight.

“You bitch, I was going to make this quick. But now your death's going to be slow and as painful as possible,” He said, wiping his hand over his trousers. The gleam in his eyes told me he was dead serious. This time when I bolted I didn't pay my body any attention. I couldn't afford the crowded thoughts of my muscles and shoulder. I'd barely got away the first time and after pissing him off. Well, safe to say my chances were somewhat slim. I could feel air rush past me as he overtook and stood in front of me. I almost barrelled into him but managed to stop and step back. My breath came in harsh gasps, the cruel chuckle and smug grin were gone. Replaced by cold and determined eyes.
“You going to keep trying to play chase or accept the inevitable?” He said, his hands stretched either side of him, showing each and every sharp claw. I could see my own blood dripping from one and shuddered.

“Or are you going to finish that sentence and give me another reason to rip you to bloody shreds,” He continued, raising his bloodied claws to his face and licking them clean. I gulped and fought the shiver working it's way up my spine. That was my blood, and I knew unless something happened sooner rather than later, he would devour me. Well, what else did I have to lose at this point?
“Well, since you ask so kindly,” I started. Knowing my voice was full of bitterness. Not that anyone could blame me at this point.
“I find it more pathetic that a drac claims humans are the weak ones, when he doesn't have the guts to takes them on in group,” I finished. And he really didn't like that. His fist slammed into my stomach and horrific pain shot through me instantly. I coughed and felt blood leave my mouth as I staggered back. He didn't try to stop me. Not like I was going to run fast after that. I fell backwards and curled into a ball, hugging my body close and visibly shaking.

“What happened to the attitude? Or did you realise your place?” he said with a short, sharp laugh. He grinned, revealing his sharp teeth. I'd stalled as much as I could, if help had ever been coming. I'd imagine it had long ago been attacked itself. He took a step towards me and then his body was slammed against the floor with a loud, sick crunch by someone else.
“Are you hurt?” It took me a second to recognise Arik's voice through all the spikes of pain.
“I'll live,” I replied. I heard a low growl and the other drac was lifted from the floor and thrown towards the nearby forests. He slammed against a tree with a cry and fell into a heap next to it.

“You're meant to be locked up,” He whimpered, eyes wide and frantic. He scrambled to stand and cowered into the tree. His response shocked me. I mean Arik was strong, but so were all drac...right? I glanced over to Arik who watched the drac with a determined look.
“I'm not that easily caught,” He replied. “Now get the hell out of here, and tell all your friends to leave too. If any of you come near this place again. I'll finish you.” He couldn't have made the threat more clear if he tried.
“You think we'll leave that easily? I may be one, but there are fifty or more of us here,” He said and I saw Arik's muscles tense further, his fists clenched hard enough that he was drawing his own blood.

“Then run away and tell Argon I won't forget this,” He growled. The drac didn't hesitate, he took off straight away, engulfed by the darkness within seconds.
“Arik, what's going on?” I asked with a small voice as I tried to stand up. Only to wince in pain and almost fall over. Arik caught me and picked me up without a moments hesitation.
“H-hey!” I yelled, but he didn't listen. I'd never seen his face so hard-set. If Arik was scared then things were worse than I'd ever imagined.

The End

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