FS - Chapter One (part two)Mature

I walked outside, instantly assaulted by strong winds, I tried badly to control my hair so I could see better. But Arik and the other drac were nowhere to be seen. I knew it was pointless to stand here in the dark, shivering. But I was kind of enjoying the silence. Plus I figured if I walked around long enough I'd eventually find them. Then again, if its drac business I shouldn't have been butting my nose in. I'm only a human. I remember when I was younger, I was force-fed how amazing a race we were for coming up with incredible technology, even though it was clearly destroying our planet. Then the attacks started. At first it was small towns, but every time it occurred, nearly every human in the vicinity was shredded to pieces, most beyond recognition. Some had to be identified by bones alone.

The government made up a bunch of bad stories to explain it. But we weren't stupid. Arik couldn't explain much about it, just that something big was happening on some planets and that everything was melting down. So the not-so-good races that were kept in line by the nicer ones decided to ignore the rule of not attacking species with potential. It was a weird moment when I first heard it. I didn't and still don't see how we had potential. When we eventually killed our planet we would've died. Unless other species have gone through similar things and somehow brought their planets back to life. I didn't really want to know more to be honest.

Arik had offered to tell me more about the different species but I didn't really want to know. Mostly we get species here that look similar to humans but are slightly different in some sense. It easy to understand where most of human myths come from. Drac led to dragons – though where the wings came from is anyones guess – then there are demours like Kimla who have almost pitch black skin and red hued eyes. Along with their slightly pointed ears its easy to understand where some demonic myths came from. Their name even sounds similar to the word. Maybe there was some misunderstanding when they tried to tell early humans what they were?

Demours are one of the split species. Some are good, some aren't. Same as drac, only I think I'd prefer a demour chasing me than a drac, no offence to Kimla. Smoke drifted into my nostrils and I scanned the horizon, the fire shone like beacon in the pitch black of night. The fields, crap! I raced round to the nearby sheds, grabbed a bucket and ran to the river that flowed between the mismatch inn building and the wide expanse of fields. Our only source of food. Well there were the animals in the shed, but I'd rather not lose those if I could help it. I filled the bucket and raced to the greenhouse in the centre of the field. I pulled out my walkie talkie.
“Fire in the fields!” I yelled down the machine, there was static and then Ian's voice was on the other side.

“Helps coming,” He replied. Then the line cut dead. I opened the door and pulled in shallow breaths, trying to locate the source. As my eyes scanned I pulled off my jacket and soaked it with the water. Nothing stood out so I threw the water at the biggest gathering of flames. They seethed before slowly dying. I threw my jacket over the smaller gatherings of flames, stamping for all my worth each time. Finally the worst of it was out. I flew out of the door and gulped fresh air, feeling horribly light-headed.

“Well, don't you just look good enough to eat.” I turned to see a shadow, the features were impossible to make out in the darkness. But I recognised the accent. Arik's was barely there anymore. But I didn't like what the association meant. I didn't wait for him to get closer for me to confirm anything. I turned and ran. Yelling at my legs not to give out on me. But I'd inhaled too much smoke and my lungs kept screaming at me. Was it really just this morning I'd treated this as a game?

The End

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