Foreign Stars (Working Title)Mature

I don't restrict genre, having some sci-fi blah :p
The only genre I firmly stick to is romance.

Prologue – thirteen years ago

My chest convulsed with pain as I tore across the empty street. My eyes frantically searched for any form of cover as I heard the heavy footsteps coming closer. I saw an alleyway tucked between two crumbling buildings and raced towards it, ignoring the burning ache deep in my leg muscles.
I let out a desperate breath as I saw the dead end and stopped myself from crying as I took in either walls. I used being small to my advantage and managed to crawl up the right wall, careful of the areas where the bricks were sensitive to weight. I found a open window and climbed in.

Inside it was dark and smelled of damp, but it was safe – for now. All the doorways were collapsed and pieces of dirt and stone littered the floor along with some glass. I saw a hole to the floor below and set it as my escape route. The furniture in the room included a faded, sunken sofa, a rotted coffee table and a smashed TV. There was a bookcase in the corner filled with books on survival. A lot of people began to look into that stuff when they realised we were doomed. And I don't mean just because we'd completely ruined the earth. I shivered at the thought of what had been chasing me and carefully brushed a clear space on the floor and sat down.

My name's Erika Green. I'm eight years old and it was only two weeks ago that my life was just about normal. Then they came...

The End

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