Emily: Mission

Emily wasn't entirely sure what was happening. Sitting next to James, she was conflicted. He had smiled at her when she came in, and she'd almost smiled back, but the memory of his unguarded comment earlier was still fresh. 

He should have felt the way her emotions exploded when she had first told him about her lecturer. He should have known it wasn't something to bring up. But just a slip of the tongue and there she was, thrown back in to it all. 

"I love how soft your skin is."

She felt kisses down her back and giggled. 

"I love your laugh." 

Fingers trailed up her sides, making her squirm and bite her lip.

"I love your mouth." 

They kissed and she giggled again as they broke apart. 

"So I'm getting that you love every part of me?" She asked, staring in to bright blue eyes. 

"More than you know." Soft kisses again, shared in the morning sunlight, on white sheets with covers wrapped around them. 

"Me too. With you." Emily replied, wrapping arms around herself and pressing kisses to her lover's collarbone.

"Emily?" She was brought out of the memory and realised everyone was looking at her. James looked mildly uncomfortable, and Emily blushed a little. The memory still brought twinges to her stomach, despite everything, and she wished he couldn't read her emotions. 

"Yes. Sorry."

"The mission." Gabby repeated. "Every new... student, must perform this task. It is not difficult in terms of physicality or even your powers. In fact we only require you to watch."

"Some mission this is." Marc snorted, folding his arms. "I've got a better mission. Why don't we all go to the pool and see who is brave enough to get in with no-"

"Shut  up, idiot." James interrupted. Emily stared at him a little. She assumed James was reacting to something in Marc's emotions, not what he was about to say. "You know you're about to say something that's going to get you slapped, so why not save us all the trouble and just let Gabby finish?"

"I mean I appreciate the concern," Marc said, glowering, "but I'd be happy to get a spanking, from one of the ladies obviously." He winked and laughed, and James rolled his eyes and turned away, intent on keeping his own emotions in check for once. 

"Do you two need to go out and get some fresh air or can I continue?" Gabby asked, an eyebrow raised. Not for the first time Emily couldn't help but admire the woman. She was strong, stern, but with a friendly side that revealed itself if you only showed her the best of you. Everything about her screamed 'great leader' but in the strangest fashion. She did not lord her power, she did not manipulate. No, she just cared. Cared about people, about what happened, about how people felt and reacted and lived. 

She cared. 

Emily wished she was like that. She wished she could care for everyone all the time. 

"We're fine." James replied, glaring at Marc. 

"Tip top, fabulous, one hundred percent, ready to go." Marc beamed. 

It was Emily's turn to roll her eyes, and she caught Chloe doing it to. 

"Very well then. The mission." Gabby repeated. 

The End

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