Marcus: "Practice"

Women truly were the perfect example of a double edged sword.

Just when you though you had them mastered, they cut your curious hands and left you wondering how you ever thought you could master any of them. Marc was sure he had nothing left to his freedom. Had he left the Forecasters, he would lose his powers. Had he decided to leave to stay with his mother, he would be expected to stay there. And should he stay... Well, Abby was turning out to be far more cunning than he could have guessed.

But, Marc was never one to give up.

This place provided opportunity. All he had to do was work his way up the ladder and then make it to an executive position. He wouldn't be free, of course, but he could be allowed to travel without worrying about that ageless woman dragging him back and making him feel like crap in the process.

First step was practice.

Marc finished up his days work on the iPad he had been given so graciously and created a bubble around the mansion. It was starting to come easier, to his devious pleasure, so he decided to play around some.

First, Marc moved to the outdoor training grounds. There were a few others there practicing with their 'sponsors' but Marc didn't pay them any attention. He didn't need help practicing. After all, he had been using his gift for seven years. Sadly, Marc couldn't deny he needed more practice.

"OK, first of all..." Marc created another bubble around the ground near him. The training ground was so bloody big that Abby and her big bad thunder buddy shouldn't mind. The bubble expanded a little, covering more of the ground. Good thing the other kiddies could see the bubbles.

Now, wasn't there a swimming pool built here? Marc was sure there was. Yeah, it was built here. He could remember the workers coming in and measuring, then digging up the ground to make room. In a few mere moments, the pool appeared as he had pictured it.

"Heh, well, she can't say this isn't good practice," Marc said to himself, "Now to bring the refreshments." A table appeared from Marc's memory and drinks covered it. "And lastly..."

The bubble expanded, covering most of the mansion. Luckily, Olivia was near. Marc wasn't sure how, but he could swear that he could tell the distance of anyone or anything inside his bubble. A cool new power perhaps? Anyway...

Marc rubbed his buzzed scalp and prepared his best smile just as he pulled on his four targets. It was after training, so they should have all just made it back to their rooms. He was sure they wouldn't mind being transported.

James, Olivia, Emily, and Chloe appeared in front of him, all still very much dressed in training clothing. And most of them didn't look too happy...

"Marc!" Emily started, but Marc hushed her and the others.

"Calm down, I just wanted to apologize for yesterday, OK?"

Chloe was next, of course. "And you couldn't have done it this morning because..?"

Marc scratched his furry chin. "Well, it's hard to make a pool inside the dining area, don't you think?"

James patted Emily on the back. "I, for one, wouldn't mind a dip. Plus, our friend Marc here is just trying to be nice, right?"

"Actually," Marc said, "I was hoping you would be mad and storm off while the girls here stayed and accepted my lovely offer." He blinked at Olivia. "Though, as long as Olivia is here I suppose anything is fine."

"Well, I guess I could go for a swim..." Emily said. She seemed to have something on her mind, but Marc didn't point it out.

"Yeah, I can't leave you here alone with these guys anyway." Chloe nodded to Olivia, who was, to Marc's delight, slightly blushing. "What about you?"

"I'll have to change..."

Marc clapped his hands and created a bubble around the gang, changing their clothing to bathing suits. He also made himself some very dark sunglasses. James, he did not touch. "All set!"

Abby could fight him all she wanted, but Marc would always find a way around the rules. She wanted him to practice his powers, and so he did. Just with better rewards... Now to focus on dealing with Augustus. Well... Tomorrow. Today was a relaxing day.

The End

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