Chloe: Something More

The morning after her near death experience, Chloe was greeted by the warm rays of the sun that she had rarely seen in the morning these days. As her mind came back to reality, she arched her back and stretched until she was satisfied.

She peeked a look from under her eyes and half expected to be back in her dorm, still in school going through the same routine but all she saw was her new room in her new life.

She shook her head as if to forget everything bad and gave herself a little grin and hopped out of bed, but the toll of yesterdays torturous routine had finally caught up to her as she limped into the bathroom, putting on some new clothes and slid a brush through her hair a few times before she came back out just in time to catch her alarm go off.

"Lovely," she smiled and walked out her room making her way down to the dining hall.

"Chloe!" She heard her name as Emily came struggling down the hall where her room was.

"Hey," Chloe waited for Emily to catch up and when the two girls were finally walking together they laughed at their synchronized limp.

"I'm guessing you're not looking forward to todays work out either," Emily grimaced, thinking about all things she had to do the day before.

"Well you never know. Today could be a history day," Chloe reassured her.

"I doubt it," she sighed. "Hey, have you seen Marcus?" she looked down the hall where Marc would usually come to join the two on their long trek towards the dining hall.

"Do you really think he would stay here after what happened yesterday? He probably bubbled off to China or Madagascar for all we know," Chloe frowned thinking about her conversation with Marc.

"I just hope he hasn't bubbled into another life or death situation," Emily said.

"Let's just hope he hasn't and think about happier things, shall we?" Another voice chimed in.

"James!" Emily seemed just a bit too excited to see him.

At least we wont have to think too much about Marc now. Chloe thought as the three talked about what was in store for today.

"We're not doing any more weight training, are we?" Emily groaned. "I can barley hold myself up now, let alone lift more weights."

"You'll see," was all James would give them.

As the trio entered into the dining hall, they took their places trying not to notice the empty seat that somehow created an awkward barrier around it. And then...

"Well I hope me being here makes this a tad less awkward," Marc smirked, clearly noticing how uncomfortable Chloe and Emily had been trying to avoid talking about him.

"Marc!" The girls looked over to see a surprisingly delightful face.

"And I can't forget about you, darling," he shot a wink towards Olivia as Chloe and Emily both rolled their eyes and laughed.

"So where have you been?" Chloe asked.

"Oh, you know. Here. There."

"Wow, that explains everything!" Chloe exclaimed, sounding sarcastic.

Marc simply smiled and went back to 'woo' Olivia.

"He still looks normal," Chloe whispered to Emily.

"Yeah, and he sounds normal, too," Emily added obviously catching what Marc had just said to Olivia.

"He can also hear you," Marc leaned in and whispered like the girls had been.

"Do you think he's broken?" Chloe continued to whisper as if Marc wasn't even there.

"Well, I hope not," Emily seemed slightly worried this time.

"I hope not, too," Marc continued to listen in as the girls just looked at him with a concerned look.

"Look, a lot has happened since we got here, I'm sure you both can testify to that. I'm just going through my fair share of 'happenings'."

"Well," Chloe said in the girliest voice possible. "If you ever need someone to talk to, we're always here for you!"

And with that, the air was cleared, somewhat, but Chloe couldn't help but feel like there was something else bothering Marc other than nearly blinking her, Emily, Olivia and James to their death. As Chloe thought this, she looked over at Emily who shared her worrisome face.

The End

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