Abby: Dealing with Marc

Abby sat on the bed in the room she knew Marc would be renting tonight. He just didn't know it yet. She folded her arms across her chest, and took several deep breaths, calming her anger. She let Marc leave the castle, so she would have time to control herself. She soooo wanted to dump him in the tower of London a thousand years ago. Unfortunately that would screw up the universal timeline, which was her entire purpose in life to prevent. 

She stood up and went to the mirror over the bureau. Right now she looked like a middle aged woman, someone Marcus would see as a grandmotherly type. She had considered looking more his age, but the brassy little pup kept hitting on her. He probably thought that women liked to be flirted with, or flattered outrageously. It didn't even occur to him how transparent and phoney he was. He didn't know how disrespectful his attitude was. That came from a lack of male influence in his life. There were several older forecasters that could take him under their wing, but she doubted he would agree to that right away. Marcus was under the mistaken impression that he could just take off any time he wanted to. He was about to learn otherwise. She stood by the bed and greeted him as he entered the room from the hallway.

"Hello Marcus."

"AAAAArgh!"he screamed and dropped his duffle bag of gear. "I thought you were going to wait until morning," he said when he had recovered from his fright.

"I never said that. I allowed you to come here so we could have some privacy. You seem to think you can bubble away from any situation you're not happy with. That's not true. You weren't happy with the the situation in Wales, and yet you weren't able to avoid that fast enough. You were nearly killed."

"Y ... you know about that?" 

"Yes, and a lot of other things about you that you don't even know. We've had our eyes on you for a very long time now. I was ready to take you out of Wales before anything bad happened, but I was working on the assumption that you were going to do as your mother told you, and stay out of trouble. You were right in the thick of it before I could stop you."

"You know my mother?"

"Yes, Helen and I go back a couple of thousand years. We're both children of the gods, but my parents knew I had powers because I kept popping in and out of time. My mother, Diana had to teach me how to control it. Helen's father Apollo got her human mother pregnant and pretty much forgot she existed. When her human mother died, my mother and I kind of looked after her. When she grew to adulthood, she stopped aging, like me. She can't change her appearance like I can, but she's still immortal. She raised you and Augustus as best she could after your human father died. She's in hiding right now, and you know where she is. That's one of the secrets you're trying to hide from me, isn't it?


Marc slumped down on the bed, his head down. He didn't want to talk about his mother. He wanted to be left alone. He was still angry and frustrated about being cooped up at the castle, but he knew he wasn't going to get away that easily. She had all but threatened to take away his powers for disobeying house rules, and he couldn't take that chance. That's why he didn't go too far from the castle. He knew she would probably follow him, but he thought she would have at least waited until morning.

"I'm not going to tell you anything about my mother," he said defiantly.

"You don't have to. I already know more about her than you do. She has powers she hasn't  always been able to control. She got herself into some trouble awhile back, that's why she's in hiding. A lot of people want to use her for their own gain. She's afraid that you and Marcus would be hurt if you were ever captured, that's why she left you alone as soon as she thought you were able to take care of yourself. Marcus looks like he's only a teenager, but he's seen a lot more living than you would ever imagine. He's partially immortal, like you. I know where Helen is. She's not at the last place you saw her, anymore. I took her to a safe place outside of this century. As long as she keeps a low profile, the timeline won't be harmed, and she'll be alright."

"She's not even in  this century anymore? Couldn't you bring her to the castle to protect her, like Augustus and I?"

"I've asked her to come here, but she doesn't trust the organization. She only trusts me. She's the one who asked me to keep an eye on her two boys, when she was no longer able to do so. I only brought you here when you put yourselves in danger. You have three choices, Marcus. I can take you to your mother, and you can keep your powers. I must warn you that where she is isn't a modern society, so you'll have to stay out of sight most of the time. The second choice is that you get to leave the castle, but you'll lose your powers, and completely forget who you were. You'll still be immortal, but every human you get close to will die eventually. The third choice is that you stay at the castle, and obey the rules. You're valuable, but not valuable enough that you will be allowed to ride roughshod over everyone else. The choice is yours.

The End

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