Marcus: Family Secrets and a Cage

Marc felt only terrible for the time it took him to get back to his room. Chloe had actually opened his eyes fully. They had begun to open when Abby told him of the possibilities she knew. Of course that hadn't been his fault. She should have foreseen the possibility and let him know the consequences. Marc was innocent. Now he had to just do one thing and he could really take a vacation. He would show these high and mighty people just how free he truly was. 

First step was Olivia. He wasn't going to give up on that beauty. 

So, he walked past Chloe's room and knocked on the red-head's door. He was surprised when she opened it and told him that he wasn't to blame. The girl truly was a piece of art. He even told her so. She took it as some sort of compliment that went beyond beautiful. Maybe she was interested in art! 

But, Marc made it short, telling her he had to prepare for bed. A lot had happened in just a few days. He decided to go see his brother, too. That was odd. Marc knew of his brother, but had only just met him. Should he feel something? Then again, how would he feel something over meeting anyone other than a cute girl. And he had to do his lines to get to feel anything from her. Yeah, women truly were the greatest works of art. 

Augustus had a room a little ways from Marc's. Instead of knocking, Marc simply moved himself into the boy's room. 


The boy didn't jump from where he sat on his bed, but instead just stared on at his older brother. 

Well, that wasn't right. He was supposed to jump, unless... 

"Mom showed you, huh?" Marc asked the boy. He nodded and turned back to staring at his ipad that he held cautiously. "I guess you know about the incident, too?" Another nod. "And the fact that Mom can.. well, you know." Yet another nod. 

Marc moved to sit next to his brother and looked for cameras or microphones. He didn't think he saw any, but he made a bubble and forced the sound of the bubble to dissipate after a few feet. To be safe. 

"Don't tell them about her, Augustus," Marc said seriously. "They can't fight her. Not even Abby needs to try. And you know she won't go easy anyway. It's just better, OK?" 

Augustus nodded and smiled a little. "I see why mother trusted you."

Marc laughed. "She told you about that stuff, huh?" 

Augustus nodded again. "I miss her."

"We both know why she has to stay away, though. Her powers... They can't be taken in by anyone. She has to stay hidden. Even if Abby means well, I don't think she needs to even try controlling Mom. So, will you promise me not a word?"

Augustus nodded. "I promise, brother." It sounded strained and Marc didn't blame the kid. He still wasn't sure how to act in front of him. Oh well. 

Marc told Augustus to sleep or he would make him and let himself into his room with a bubble. Forcing a sandwich and a latte to appear on his bedside table, Marc grabbed his Ipad and began his work. 

First came his actual job. Just a few paintings to analyze today, sadly. Two were great, but not something he would call masterpieces. Though one of them was done by a 20 year old, so he had a lot of time to improve. The last was not really what Marc would choose for any kind of award. He put 'has nice technique' and left it at that. 

Now, to the real work! Abby was a being that had lived for a very long time. Marc already knew this. He also knew she was one to keep a record of things. Somewhere, that is. This place was hard to find through the internet from the outside, but Marc found it quite easy to hack past the security servers and access the main files of the place. 

Most of them were just profiles. His own profile was well-done, but that had little in the way of background. They only had Apollo as his grandfather. That was good, though. As long as Augustus kept his word, then all would be well. If these people found out about Marc's mother they might become, well... very curious. 

"What are you doing, Marcus?"

Marc put on his best smile and turned to see Abby just closing his door behind her. He made sure she couldn't see the Ipad screen. "Just about to finish with my work and then eat. Care to stay around for some dessert?" He had given up on Abby, honestly, but maybe some flattery could help ease the tension.

"Hacking into our system isn't work," Abby said. Busted. "I thought you were just looking at your profile, but seeing as you skipped over it after a quick glance made me curious." They really did have eyes for everything, huh? "I would also like to know what it is you said to Augustus. I couldn't hear it all, but I did get something about not telling. And I think I caught my name."

Well, now it was time to show how great Marc was. "That, my lovely lady, was something us brothers were discussing in private. I was telling him how attractive all the girls here were if you must know, though." Marc gave the ageless beauty a wink. "You're at the top of the list most of the time."

"Most of the time?"

Of course every woman would be curious about that. "I told him it's when you smile that your true beauty comes out. He needed to be patient to see that, of course."

"I see," Abby said slowly. Maybe she would leave the other bit alone... "And the hacking, Marcus?" Or not. 

Well, sometimes honesty was best. "I wanted to know the possible outcomes of the other realities so I could avoid the... unpleasant ones." He was still shaken up about the whole dying thing, despite his actions and attitude. Dying wasn't fun. He had almost done that once or twice. "And to see which one ended with you and me together."

Abby ignored that last one and seemed to be thoughtful. "If you follow the rules, nothing bad will happen."

Of course she would say that. It was actually annoying to hear, though. Marc needed a different approach. "Look, Abby, you and the big stiff both know I can leave at any time I wish. I could be in Japan in one afternoon if I wanted. All it takes is some effort. You also know how I am. Why not just do the smart thing and tell me where I can't go?"

"Is that a threat, Marcus?" 

"No," Marc found himself saying. For some reason he was angry. And at a woman no less! "That's a promise. Now, if I go to the town south of here that I saw will I endanger anyone or myself?"

"No, but I would suggest that you stay if you wish to avoid punishment."

Marc snorted. He didn't feel like being nice now. He realized being locked up had made him angry. The girls, joking, and his brother had held it off, but now... He just wanted to leave. "You'll forgive me, but I honestly don't think anyone here can truly hold me down. I'll be in an inn until morning. Maybe then you'll be more willing to tell me of these 'outcomes.'"

A bubble appeared and expanded around him. The last thing Marc saw was a very angry look on Abby's face. Then he saw his surroundings change and an inn appear shortly after he started. He needed to cool off, he guessed. 

'Damn place is a cage,' Marc thought, walking into the inn. He didn't even bother to look at the sign to see what it was called. His anger had came in an instant and was not leaving anytime soon. Guess he took after Mom too much. 

The End

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