Marcus: A Field Trip

Marc was still in awe over his scars disappearance. Well, mostly. There was still a faint line there when he checked it in the mirror in his room. When that ageless woman Abby had said physical training to him, Marc decided it was best to bail. Like he needed to exercise. 

Marc looked at himself in his mirror. He wasn't really the strongest of people, but he didn't need to be. If he did, he would just create a bubble and make himself a bodybuilder or something. He just liked to stay in shape without the bubbles help, though. But training? No.

Tying his blue scarf around his neck, Marc decided it was time to test out how much freedom he could take. He needed a day off from all this mental drama including some brother he just found out was real and stuff. Seriously, he was built to roam free. 

By instinct, Marc started to rub his neck, but stopped himself short. It was practically gone, now. That was going to be odd to get used to. The scarf would stay, though. It was something he was famous for as a critic. Well, sort of. More like everyone hated him. It was because he had an eye for art. He could tell when something was going to sell well or be well received and not. It was a gift. No other way Marc could think of describing it.

Now, he had to go critic a painting and he wanted a day off..

"Of course!" Marc shouted, pulling on his button up shirt. "Why not take a field trip?"

Marc opened a bubble - the largest he could make without exhausting his ability, and pulled himself, Cloe, Emily, and - for the hell of it - Olivia about a mile down south of the 'base.' He had went there before. It was a nice clearing and he could use it for his next jump. 

The room changed and he felt the calm breeze of the outdoors around him. And the shouts of confusion. 

"Did my powers do this?" Emily was standing facing a guy Marc didn't care much for - James. Somehow he was pulled in with her. She wore blue jeans and a white tank top. So much for being classy. 

"I don't think so," Cloe said. She had on similar clothes, just with a t-shirt instead. They had been doing the training, no doubt. Olivia stood near her and wore the same. She seemed confused, but not startled. She was their senior, in a sense.

"Ladies!" Marc said, bowing. "I figured we could use a field trip! So, we are going to London!" Marc opened a bubble around them and changed their clothing to summer dresses. James he gave a nice buttoned shirt and nice jeans. He wanted to put him in a summer dress, but that would piss off the others. 

"Marc, we can't just bail whenever we want." Olivia seemed annoyed now. "Abby will find us and bring us back in no time anyway."

Marc smiled and looked at Emily. She of all people could use a break from this. "Too late." While they had been angry and surprised, Marc had already moved them almost halfway to London. The surrounding changed too fast to notice anything much. "Plus, it's not like they can trace me."

Now, Marc planned to have a good field trip. And maybe score with Olivia. Who knew?

The End

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