Emily: Mental

"I'm starting to get the idea that I'm going to hate you." Emily murmured to James as they finished their physical workout. She was lying on the mat, groaning, having been thrown over James' shoulder. 

"Wait till you see what's next." He grinned, offering her a hand. Emily took it and let him pull her up. 

"Oh. God." She groaned, feeling the sweat running down her. She must look awful. 

"Go and have a shower, then find me."

"Saying I stink?" 

"Definitely." He grinned. "Now go." She went to leave and then glanced back. 

"Hey... why do we have to wear shorts and you get trousers?"

"Guess I'm special." He winked and then shooed her towards the showers. 


After a hot shower and a change in to some jeans and a white tank top Emily headed back in to the gym and found James leaning casually on the wall in jeans and a black t-shirt.

"Please tell me this is where I get a cookie?" She said, shoving her hands in her jeans pockets and wandering over. 

"Nope. Mental training now. I hope you're ready." 

She dead-panned him.


"It's important for anyone with powers to be able to control them, and to do that your mental strength must be pushed. Just like physically, you must be stronger."

"Yes grasshopper." She mocked him. 

"Keep that up and I won't go easy on you in the next physical."

"That was easy?" Emily gaped at him as he grinned and pushed off the wall. 

"I'm better than you think." He winked and headed towards the door. She followed, trying to ignore that burning feeling in all of her muscles. 

"Where are we going?" Emily asked after a minute. 

"We have separate rooms for you all for mental training. Wouldn't want you to get distracted by someone else."

"So I'll just be alone?"

"No, I will be there too."

"What if you distract me?"

"I'm flattered really-" She punched him in the arm  "-but no. I'm just there to guide and observe. You'll barely notice me."

Hard to believe, Emily thought to herself, eyeing the arm she'd just punched. They stopped in front of a white door, and James did a mock 'ladies first' bow. She responded by pushing him so he almost overbalanced, and then hurried in to the room before he could get her back. 

"Wow... okay." She murmured, staring around her. 

The End

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