Marcus: An Easy Retrieval

I whistled a tune as I walked down the streets of Wales. To be honest, I felt like Lesser Goat looked; stiff and bad. There was a dozen jokes I would have made for that, but I just didn't feel like it. It was bad enough that I was in Wales again, let alone the fact that Mr Sydney and all his greatness was already here and searching. We were on our way to meet him, too.

At least I had Olivia to look forward to. It would take me a week or two to make her my girl, but it would be nice to have one while I cooperated with this damn place.

"So, how much further until we see the big man, Goat?" I asked, making sure my scarf and cap were both covering as much of my face as possible. God forbid someone notice me. Er... Gods.

"He is in Ewloe Castle, waiting for us."

I laughed. That was actually good. That Welsh castle was in the woods. Not many people like in Hawarden. "OK, then, let's go there!"

A bubble erupted from me and covered us. Of course, only I could actually see the bubble itself. Others with abilities could only sense it's shape and magnitude. I had no idea what Goat's power was, but he put a hand on my shoulder and shook his head when I opened it.

"There are others around, Mr. Silver," he said like the ignorant goat he was, "We may be seen."

I ignored him and expanded my bubble as far as I could without causing a recharge and placed us as far toward Ewloe as I could. The city streets around me changed to woods in an instant. It was like a painting that edged into another. Didn't know the term, but that was never a problem. I wasn't hired for my knowledge, but for my sense.

In the distance, I saw a stone structure that poked through the trees. the walls were wore down and the actual structure looked as ancient as it really was. Of course, the walkway and inside would be nicer, since this was a tourist attraction.

I created another bubble before Goat could say anything on me moving us and placed us inside the castle and with a tourist group. I didn't know they were here, but it didn't matter. As far as they knew, we had been here all along. Goat noticed this and kept silent from then on. Despite being a member of that organization, he knew only a little outside his own powers, whatever they were. Just like a goat.

'OK, enough of the goat things. Find Augustus and get out, Marcus!' I looked as we moved through the castle, ignoring the guide that led us. Sydney was in here somewhere, but I didn't care about that pompous guy. I just needed to find that kid they claimed was my brother and get-

I paused beside a wall. There was a rat just sitting there staring at the crowd. The oddest part about it was that no one seemed to notice the thing. Even a lady who looked like she had never seen a speck of dust didn't scream or anything. It was like the little fury thing wasn't even there.

Well, that was odd, but I had other things to worry about.

We found Mr. Sydney at the second level of the castle. He was in a room that was off limits, but that didn't seem to bother the tourists when they passed by. Odd, but it was the big boss. I just wanted to hurry this up.

I created a bubble around me and Goat and moved us in the room. It seemed easier than climbing over the chain blocking the area off.And, as we would have it, the room had one more person in there; a kid that looked about 15 at best with dirty rags for clothes and a mop of dark brown hair.

"So, big boss, who's the kid?" I already knew the answer, of course.

Sydney smiled, for some odd reason. He wasn't a smiling man. "This is a very powerful asset to us, Silver." He patted Augustus on the head and nodded to me. "Let's take your brother back, shall we."

I sighed. No explanation, as usual. Well, I wanted to see Olivia. So, I complied and opened a bubble as much as I could. To the others, Augustus included, it would appear like a series of places were flashing by, but I had the hard part. Every time I moved the group, I had to create another bubble instantly and move us again. It was tiring, but it would be good practice for when I acquired my newest painting.

As I moved us toward home, I could help but noticing Augustus looking at me. To me, the fact that we were brothers was just that. A fact. What was he thinking though? And why was picking the kid up so easy? I mean, I like easy, but it seemed like this should have been harder...

The End

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