Chloe: A Begining Like No Other

Chloe woke up to the annoying beeping of the alarm clock that had been set for her by her lovely hosts so that she would wake up at seven in the morning.

She hit the button that turned it off and wanted to go back to sleep, but as soon as her head hit the pillow again, the alarm went off yet again. "Why is technology even a thing." She groaned as she rolled out of bed.

She stumbled across the room to her bedroom and switched on the lights that blinded her for what seemed like a very long time. After she cleaned herself up a bit she went back into the room to pick out something to wear.

Her eyes scanned her options and picked out a simple outfit: a white tank, jean shorts and a nice thin knitted cardigan that went down just below the rim of her shorts.

She glanced at herself in the full length mirror before she walked out into the maze of a hall. Just as she left, however, she heard the door close behind her as she began walking. Looking back, she noticed that it was the red head girl had left her room as well.

"Hey," Chloe called as she waited for the girl to catch up.

"Oh, hey," she greeted. "You're that girl from last night right? The one who dragged Marc out?"

"Wow, you even know his name. Didn't know he was that popular." Chloe was truely amazed at how well-known Marc was even though he had only been at this mansion for a couple days.

"Oh, no," she slightly shook her head. "He came by my room a little while after and apologized."

I take that back.

"Well, that's nice of him." The jerk. Chloe thought.

"Yeah," she said smiling.

Oh, no. Not you too.

"So, are you a newbie, too?" She asked changing the subject.

"Yeah, I came in with Marc and Emily," Chloe answered.

"Great! Then today you get to eat with us!" She said as she lead Chloe down a path that seemed much brighter than the hall she had taken to the other dining room. "All the newbies eat their first few meals with Gabbie so they're not too overwhelmed. After that, they eat with the other people in another dining room." Great, more routes to remember. Chloe mentally sighed as she soon realized that she probably hadn't even walked a quarter of this palace.

"So how many of you are there?" Chloe asked just before the red head opened the doors to reveal a dining area that was a lot greater than the one she'd dined in before.

"About thirty," she shrugged. "I'm Olivia by the way," she reached out her hand.

"Chloe," she shook Olivia's hand before she turned to gave at everyone there.

"Chloe!" A voice called.

She turned to see that Emily had just arrived along with a few more seniors. One being oddly familiar. "Hey!" She responded as they both walked to the food line.

"So, last night, Gabby came to my room and we figured out a bit of where I came from!" She seemed so excited to know this. Maybe she felt like she belonged.

"And that is.." Chloe beckoned her to continue.

"Kronos, the keeper of time," she looked as if she could jump up and down for hours.

"That sounds cool," someone chimed in from behind Emily.

"Oh," Emily moved to the side to reveal a guy that had brown hair that seemed to have been gelled up into, what some hair stylists would call, the perfect updo, and eyes that seemed a mixture of colors; both complimenting each other perfectly. "This is Alex, he found me stumbling around and brought me here."

"Hi," Chloe said finally realizing who the familiar face was. "You're the creeper from the creek."

He smiled, "That's me."

"You know each other?" Emily seemed slightly confused.

"We met the other day when I was trying to reach my inner nymph," she smiled.

"Well that saves me an introduction," she smiled grabbing a tray full of food as she bounced off to find a table with Chloe and Alex trailing not so far behind her.

Breakfast went by as Alex had introduced more people to both Emily and Chloe, but as breakfast ended, Chloe had began to think that something was missing.

"Where's Marc?" She asked looking around to see the mass of people piling out of the dining hall.

"I heard he went on a top secret mission with the big man," Emily whispered.

"Whose the big man?" Chloe whispered back.

"Sydney," she said even quieter as if his name was forbidden.

"Sounds fun," Chloe joked, and that was the last she spoke of him. With his abilities, Chloe was confident that he was okay, but sending a newbie on a mission? It seemed unreasonable. She would have to grill him for answers, but for now, Chloe would soak in what the day had to offer. Spending time with people as special as her was an opportunity that she had long thought of as a dream.

"So what's next?" 

The End

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