Marcus: Scoring a Name

Well, this day was just amazing. 

First I find out a new way to use my abilities safely, then I create a small sun, and lastly I see a nearly naked red head. Of course, the downfalls of all this was Gabby's constant yammering on the incident in Whales, being KO'ed by the first girl I had seen in a towel in months, and my abilities starting to screw up.

Not entirely sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing, but I ended up walking back to my room from the roof. Because my bubble didn't take me from Chloe's room to my room. No, it took me to the bloody roof. 

As I walked down the hallway, all to conscious of the kids watching me from their rooms, I tried to make another bubble in my hand. It worked, but was difficult to maintain. It seems that fire I made had weakened my abilities. My largest bubble could encompass London, though I can only keep it up for a minute or so. There was a joke in there... Well, the point was I must have overdone it back there. 

"Ah, Mr. Silver."

And darn... Here comes Mr. Lesser Goat to add some downfalls to the scale that describes my day. 

"Yes, Lesser Goat?" I replied, not bothering to stop my walk or look back at the man. I didn't bother using a bubble. I would need at least an hour to rest before I could make a decent one again. Tonight I was going to sleep long. 

"We are ready to retrieve Augustus if you are done with Miss Noonan's tasks," he said officially. Like a butler. OK! New nickname was butler! No, wait... this place has a few butlers wondering around... Darn...

"Well, give me an hour and I can take us there, OK?" I should go get that red head's name... I had the perfect way, too. 

"As you wish." The man turned down a hallway from the sound of his shoes and I headed down to where Chloe's room was. Well, to be more precise, where the hot red head's room was. 

Three knocks was all it took and the red head was at the door. She was pretty as could be. Pale skin, light blue eyes, and her red hair still wet from a shower. Add in a loose t-shirt and some tight blue jeans and the picture I was seeing was complete. A real work of art.

"Can I-" She stopped mid-sentence, realizing who had knocked on her door.

I was quick. Didn't want to be hit again. "I'm sorry for the intrusion," I said earnestly. I really was. I wasn't sorry for seeing what I did, but... Well, being sorry was good, right? "I am new here and I was practicing my powers. I messed up and found myself in your bathroom."

The girl still looked angry, but didn't look likely to attack. It was a start.

"W-well, if you're new, then I suppose it's fine." Was that a cute little uneasy waver I saw? 

I bowed, deciding to be bold with this one. What did I have to lose? "To be honest, this wasn't the only reason I came by."

"Oh, and that would be hook up with me?" The anger rises! 

I laughed to make her a little more easy. It worked! Anger level down! "Well, I won't lie; I really felt like seeing you was more of an impact than your kick." I didn't mention that my head still pounded. It had been only half an hour - since this bloody mansion is huge! - but the pain never dulled. 

Luckily for me, that compliment actually worked! Now to reel in this little fishy! I looked up into her light blue eyes, making sure I captured them. Weapons ready! Attack! "May I just have your name? The only other thing I could think to call you is Angel, but I would prefer your name."

Despite a futile attempt to keep calm, the red head blushed and showed a hint of a smile. The first attack had been a success! I was on the winning side of battle finally! 

... What's with all these battle puns? Was I thinking to much about that last painting?

I focused on the red head, who seemed to be thinking. Finally, she caved. "My name is Olivia."

I smiled brightly. "Well, Olivia, may I say that is a wonderful name. One that truly befits you." It really did. She was a beautiful work of art and her title was Olivia. Maybe I could actually collect this one? And now it's more art puns. Pranking Alex earlier today had put me in the joking mood. Even with ladies to talk with. 

I bowed once more and actually got a smile. "Well, Olivia, I hope to see you again. But for today, I must go retrieve my brother."

And with that, I left for my room to relax before meeting with Lesser Goat. I found the man in a parking circle that was void of cars. He must have told whatever driver that had come he would no longer be needed. There was no one else coming, it seemed. 

"Where to?" I asked the man.

"Whales is where your brother has been last seen."

A shiver ran over my spine. "Whales huh?"

"Everything alright?"

I rubbed a hand over my scarf and then scratched my buzzed head. "Yeah, let's just go. We won't be back until dark, though."

I didn't plan on staying in Whales long. Not long at all. And no jokes came to mind, either.

The End

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