Emily: Library

Emily had yet to discover her power or lineage. She'd  found it fascinating watching the training begin but she also felt rather useless. What if they were wrong and she'd didn't have powers? what if this was all a big mistake and they were going to wipe her memory and leave her near her house. What if Kate wasn't there when she got back?

Emily shook herself and got out of bed. There was no point in just sitting here thinking what if. She  should do something, and all she could think of doing at the moment was heading to the library and going through the massive books, hoping to find her name. She pulled on a hoodie and grabbed her ipad, then headed out. It was dark and no one was around. She realised she probably wasn't supposed to be doing this and almost went back, not willing to be electrocuted again. But some longing to know who she was made her feet continue in their quest to the library. 

She opened the big wooden door as quietly as possible and slipped inside. She liked the library. It was old, filled with what looked like millions of books, and the strong wooden shelves looked over her as she padded through to the record section. It was comforting she thought, to have all these years of stories, real or not, watching over you. She traced her fingers over the books of records, hoping for something to jump out at her. When nothing did she resigned herself to a long night trawling through the texts. She chose one at random and began leafing through the last pages. Nothing. Besides, she didn't really feel as though she belonged to... what was it... oh.  The family involving Cupid. Nope, that did not sound right for her at all. 

She pursed her lips and perused the shelves. She spotted the oldest book on the shelf, one with several symbols on it. That meant there were several famous gods in the book. She slipped it off the shelf and opened it to the first page. Kronos, God of Time. Father of... Zeus. She felt her lips open in surprise. This was Mr. Sydney's lineage. She flicked through to the last pages and searched for his name. She never found it.

She never found it because she started and stopped at the last name on the list. Her name. 

She wasn't sure how long she'd been staring at her name, printed neatly in the books, but when she snapped out of it she realised what it meant. 

1. She was some how related to the boss man. 

2. Her power had something to do with time. She was linked to another of Kronos'  children, not Zeus, but she had the link. 

Time, she thought. Ironic really. For a while when she was eighteen, she had been told she didn't have any time left at all. And even though the doctors had been wrong, now she had time in her hands. Some how. 

Closing the volume and putting it back on the shelf, she grabbed her ipad and hurried out of the library, back to her room. She would sleep, and then tomorrow she could start exploring what she could do. 

Maybe she would fit in here after all. 

The End

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