Chloe: Again..

Steam filled the room as the hot water was turned off. Chloe stepped out of the shower tieing the towel around her chest and walked out into her room. She grabbed some clothes that looked comfortable enough to sleep in and slipped into them as she tossed the towel onto the chair. 

She fell back onto her bed, staring at the ceiling wondering why her plan hadn't worked, but in all honest, bathing in a creek probably wasn't the best idea, so she moved on to her next plan. She sat up and looked for something small. Her attention was drawn to the bucket of pencils on the desk next to her bed.

Chloe focused her energy on one of the many and created a zero gravity environment around it and the pencil began to slowly float up as she changed the gravity around it. 

After it floated up several feet she tried pulling it towards her as she shifted the gravity between her and the pencil making it so that she was the center of the gravitational pull. Not a smart idea.

The pencil raced towards her and hit her cheek before it fell onto the bed. "Ow," she flinched, rubbing the now red spot on her cheek. "Thank goodness it wasn't sharpened." She whispered to herself. 

After she recovered from the minor injury she tried again. As another pencil began to rise a sudden shriek came from the room next door followed by a thud. Chloe ran to the door and out into the hall where some other kids had poked their heads out to see what had happened.

Chloe opened the door that lead to the room next to her and found a red head standing at the bathroom door half naked and an unconscious Marc laying at her feet. 

"Ahh!" She screamed again as she ran towards her bed as Chloe rushed to see if Marc was actually unconscious. She smiled as she saw that he had actually blacked out and turned to see the now curious girl peering to see who her 'invader' was.

"Don't mind if I take him do you?" Chloe asked as she grabbed one of Marc's arm and created a bubble around him making him easier to carry out. 

The girl shook her head as she watched her drag the unconscious stalker out of her room. With the gravity around Marc changed he was basically floating as she dragged his floating body out the door, through the  hall  of curious kids and back into Chloe's room. He hovered over the bed for a second before he was gently dropped. 

Chloe closed the door behind her and sighed as she stared at Marc. She frowned as she thought of all the rumors that would be going around tomorrow, but she shooI off the uneasy feelings.

She went into the bathroom and grabbed a small wash cloth and wet it with cold water using it as a makeshift for ice. She walked back and sat on the edge of the bed and dabbed at the bruise that was forming above his temple. 

Marc sucked in a breath of air in pain and tried grabbing her hand but Chloe had put up a protective barrier so that his hand couldn't make contact.

"You're not the hot, red head that knocked me out," he said looking around assessing the situation.

"No," she smiled, "that would be my frightened, hot, red head neighbor." 

"I do make an excellent entrance, don't you think?" He raised an eyebrow and Chloe chuckled.

"If you got knocked out every time you walked in on a girl that was half naked you'd lose what little brain cells you have left."

"Ouch," Marc said even though he was clearly not offended.

Chloe stood up and made her way back into the bathroom, soaking the cloth in cold water again and turned only to run into Marc who had appeared out of no where.

"You need to stop doing that before you pop into another girls bathroom and I have to drag your unconscious corpse back." She said as she slapped the cold cloth onto his bruise before walking back out to the room.

"Why? Would you be jealous?" He turned, leaning against the door frame while holding the cold cloth to his face.

"No, but I wouldn't want you to hurt that beautiful face anymore than you have to," she joked as she picked up the pencils that had fallen on the ground from her previous 'training session'.

"Aw, I'm so glad you're concerned for my face, but it's okay," he grinned. "I'll keep it beautiful for you." 

Chloe smiled back as she set the pencils down on the table and made her way back towards Marc who was still standing at the door. "Aren't you just a good boy," she said as she pinched his cheeks like he was a little boy that was several inches taller than her.

Chloe walked to the door that led to the hall and opened it gesturing with one arm for him to leave. "Now if you don't mind, I'd prefer if you let me get my beauty sleep."

"Hun," he walked over and pat my shoulder. "This big boy doesn't use doors."

Chloe rolled her eyes as she closed the door. "Then would you mind 'bubbling' yourself out of here?"

"'Bubbling'," he repeated. "I like the way you coin words Ms. Othisi. As you wish." 

And just like that, he was gone and with a sigh of relief Chloe hopped into bed and stared at the ceiling for the hundredth time that night thinking about how much she had changed in these past few days. She would have never spoken this much on a daily basis, but change isn't always bad. It's how fast change was coming that worried Chloe.

The End

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