Marcus: Bubble Failure

The flame was massive. It had even surprised Chloe and Emily, who stood apart from Marc and Gabby. Well, that was probably a good thing... Marc wasn't sure how much longer he could control this thing. 

At first, it had been an easy feat. It had come into existence and just obediently sat there. Sadly, the very next moment, Marc felt his bubble was wavering.

"Marcus, that is dangerous."

"I know, Gabby!" Marc said, trying to will the fire away. "It's not an easy thing to control. But, if I can, I can disperse storm clouds. Cool, huh?"

The fire disappeared in a flash, willed away by Marc. It had never existed anyway. He smiled. That was... well, fun. Though he preferred looking at art and women - whom he found usually were art - it was pretty interesting to create these things.

"It would be wise not to do that again." 

Marc looked at the ageless girl. "Why's that? Disperse clouds and stop that stiff man from shooting his lightning everywhere. Everyone wins, right?"

Gabby shook her head. "If you lose control, who will suffer?"

Marc jumped. "My good looks might be tarnished!" He wrapped his scarf around his head. "Gotta protect my beautiful face!"

"She means it's dangerous!" Emily yelled, looking less shaken that she had the previous day. 

"Dangerous? Of course not!" Marc laughed. "I pride myself on never letting danger anyone!" He paused. "Unless it's minor injuries for the sake of a joke!"

Chloe seemed to step up to bat next. "Well, let's not try to make a sun again, alright Apollo?"

Psht. "Apollo wishes he were me." Marc unwrapped his scarf, making sure to keep his neck covered. Well, they had a point, at least. Controlling the flame had gotten hard soon after it came into being. Might have to hold back on using that. 

"How big of a bubble can you make, anyway?"

"Excellent question, Chloe!" Marc walked a few steps away. "I'll answer that when I see your powers." 

"This is not a contest nor a show and tell," Gabby said sternly, hushing all of them up. "Now, we are here to practice our powers. Chloe and Emily have been doing just that while you went off, Marcus, so I think you should learn from their example."

Marc coughed and then bowed deeply. "My humble apologies, my ladies," he told them, "I have been rude. I should have stayed in your company if you all missed me this much."

"In your dreams." Chloe was a feisty one! Marc like!

"And in reality, my dear." 

And so, Marc spent the rest of that afternoon practicing bubbles, despite already knowing how to do it. Unlike the other two, he had discovered his powers at an early age. Probably from his close relation with Apollo. Well, at least he could watch the other two practice... well, whatever they were practicing. Marc wasn't sure. 

Not once did he get yelled at for trying to expand his bubble over them. It was almost like that Gabby girl - or woman, if you didn't let her appearance deceive you - was a mind reader. Marc was just going to have the girls change into their bikini's... nothing major, really.

"Marcus, are you even trying to take this seriously?"

Marc yawned as Gabby approached him. "To be honest, it's hard to concentrate with you three here. I mean, how am I supposed to make bubbles when I can watch such beautiful pieces of art?"

"You need to learn to improve your ability," Gabby said, totally ignoring those compliments. She couldn't take one, could she? "We don't want another incident like in Wales."

Marc grunted. "I get it, you know about me. Now stop bringing it up. It wouldn't help a pretty lady to talk about those things."

"If you had better control, you could have saved yourself of that event." Gabby was relentless, wasn't she? "You might have even saved your friend."

Nope. Don't let her get to you. "Let's end this conversation for today."

Marcus opened his bubble and spread it across the mansion. That was his limit without forfeiting his power for a while. In a moment he was no longer in the training area, but instead in-

Marc blinked. He looked around. He was in a shower. And there was... underwear of the female variety hanging on one side. How did he get in here!? 

Well, might as well make a bubble and... Wait, why couldn't he make a bubble?! Had he already used up all his energy? And, as if things couldn't get any worse, the bathroom door opened, revealing a very attractive young woman with red hair and a mass of freckles. Of course, the only thing she wore was a towel covering the essentials. 

"Hello miss, this is all-"

The world went black.

The End

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