Marcus: Grape Cola and Brothers

"Easy, I would have moved us across out of range!"

The others looked doubtful.

"Mister Sydney's storms can stretch for miles, Marcus," Gabby said, looking just as doubtful as the others. 

Marc just smiled. They knew so little of his powers, despite what Gabby had told him. "Just trust me. For now, I need to go practice! Gotta be able to make the lady's some nice dresses without messing up the timestream or whatever."

The ageless girl, who was, in fact, a young girl today, nodded. "Remember to force the objects you make. They have to have been there all along."

Marc bowed and left, leaving a some choice compliments for the ladies. He didn't really plan to practice his power, but it couldn't hurt to eventually. 

Force it to have been there all along, huh?

Well, that wasn't very helpful. Sure, Marc could make things appear, but he thought he already had made the 'be there all along.' Unless that woman wanted him to make his creations be like the geek at a prom. Always there, but never noticed until pointed out. 

Hah! He should make a geek joke on someone. It had been a while since he did that. 

"What are you doing out here?"

Marc turned to see another boy that... well... sounded like him. Of course, he didn't have a scarf or a scar circling his neck, a nicely buzzed head, and a neat beard that ladies just loved. In fact, he had blonde hair and that 'pretty boy' look to him. Well, there went the geek joke idea. Might as well switch to something else.... Hmmm. Maybe a joke about being young?

"Here's a better question," Marc asked, "Where are your parents? I'm sure they are worried about their little baby boy wondering off. Plus, you might need a change of diaper! Don't want a rash, do we?"

The boy laughed, which gave Marc just as much satisfaction as if he was insulted. See, a good joker loved to get laughter from his jokes as well as insult people. Why, if you just had one, it wasn't so much fun. 

"You are a funny one, aren't you?" the boy said. He walked along the path that cut the forest in two like a pie. Wait... pie... Hmmm. Joke, joke, joke... Lost it. "My name is Alex. I'm a huge fan of that power of yours. Reminds me of when I was a kid and I used to blow bubbles."

Oh... this guy was good. "Well, I'm sure last week wasn't THAT long ago." Marc opened a bubble and tried to imagine that he had a cola in his hand the entire time. Surprisingly, it worked! He even seemed to remember grabbing it before leaving the mansion to walk in the forest! Bless that gorgeous woman! "Now, I'm not customer service, so I can't help you with your mommy and daddy. Is there anything else you need, kid?"

"Hmmm. How about a cola. I need a refreshing drink to remind me that bubbles aren't that useless." He smiled at this, like he had told a great joke. Marc could have went through a thousand ways why that wasn't a good joke, but held off. He needed to hurry up with this baby and critique old Turner's newest painting.

"Why not a grape cola?" Marc expanded his bubble to enclose this little kid and remembered grabbing a grape soda as well. It appeared in Alex's hand. Well, it seemed remembering things made it easier to use his abilities. Not bad to know.

"Thanks, bubble boy!" Alex said, opening his grape cola. Fizz spewed out and slammed into the toddler boy's face and hair. He actually seemed angry there for a second!

"Oh, I remembered shaking that drink, toddler boy." Yeah.. toddler boy. Had a nice ring to it. It just made it funnier that this kid had a little deeper voice than Marc. No idea why though.

"Well, it seems I need to go wash up," Alex said, obviously trying not to get mad. No, his name was toddler boy now! "Someone has been very rude and gotten grape soda in my hair."

Marc smiled. "Aww, don't be a bad sport, Toddler Boy, it was just some friendly playing. Just tell your mommy and I'm sure she will wash it out, OK?" Marc turned to leave, expanding his bubble even further so that it enclosed the entire mansion. Man, he was going to be tired tonight. The bigger the bubbles, the more tired he got. "Oh, and don't cry over spilled cola. You got to be a big boy, OK?"

Before Alex could react - if he even planned to - Marc had popped into his room and made his new ipad appear in his hands. Now, back to work. Just because Lesser Goats organization wanted them to bee cooped up, didn't mean that Marc would have to stop his job. 

Then again, wasn't he supposed to be practicing with the others? Well, he had answered her question and spilled a grape drink on someone. It was an odd sensation, Marc had to admit. It wasn't like when he was younger and had to practice daily just to move something, of course. This new way of thinking seemed natural for some reason. Like he has always been meaning to do it, but could never find the right way.

A knock came to the door. 

"Is it you, Lesser Goat?"

No response to that, of course, but Marc knew from the way the man had walked. You could always tell once you knew the trick. Well, that and he was the only one to wear nice dress shoes that clacked like that. Silly Lesser Goat. 

"Marcus Silver, you are to travel with Mister Sydney tomorrow morning to pick up Augustus Ray Silver, your brother."

Woah. Brother? That was kind of a shocker. Why was it called a shocker anyway? Marc had been shocked. Knocked him right out! There was no surprise, really. "Well, I suppose I can go grab him..."

Wait, wasn't Gabby asking how Marc would stop the thunderstorm? 

"Um, I got to go, Lesser Goat," Marc called, throwing his Ipad down on his bed and expanding a massive bubble. "Feel free to eat the grass I stepped on. Who knows, that grass could have a bit of my amazing genius in it." 

And with that, Marc willed himself back to where the girls were. 

"Ah, Marcus," Gabby said, "You are back."

Marcus laughed. "Of course, my lady. I wish I had never left, now that I can see your pretty face once more." To his side, the two other girls were talking amongst themselves about something. A perfect opportunity for Marc to use his best-

Er, no. He needed to be serious. 

"You asked me how I would stop a storm, correct?"

Gabby nodded. Wow... such nice eyes. Too bad she wasn't in a bar right now. He could abuse those eyes in the right setting. 

"I think I have an idea." Marc opened a bubble in the air above them. It was just an idea he had, but if his grandfather could ride a chariot like a flamboyant monkey while holding the sun, then Marc should be able to create his own small one, right?

He willed it into existence. Of course, he knew it had been their all along. He remembered collecting it, though not from where. Yeah, he had it in the sky and was just now calling on it. It wasn't a creation, just something he already had. 

As if in response, the bubble turned into a massive ball of flame.

The End

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