Marcus: God of Failed Love

Marc finished breakfast early and met up with Gabby, or whatever she wanted to be called. She was in the library, of course, reading some book. Was that Apollo's ancestry? Well, whatever. He just wanted to be done with his 'duties' so he could focus on his goals. 

"Ah, Marcus," the ageless woman said as he walked up, "I was just looking for your name." She set the book in her lap, making sure to keep her finger on a certain page. "Now, is your last name really Silver? There is no other name?"

Marc wanted to laugh, but didn't. Instead, he created a bubble and appeared next to the older woman. "Well, my real last name IS Silver, but that's going by legal terms." He winked to Gabby, giving her his best smile. "It can be your legal last name, too, you know?"

Sadly, there was no visible reaction with the exception of a blank stare. "I rather like my last name, Marc. Now, what is your last name by birth?"

Not even going to budge a little, huh? Well, that was OK. Marc had a lot of time to play with. Sadly, there were few guys he could make fun of, so he had no stress relief from all this failure with the women... Oh well. "Silvan."

She nodded and opened back up the book, turning a few pages and stopping every now and then to think. Maybe she thought he was lying? Well, Marc had done that before. To be honest, he was starting to not want to even try for Gabby anymore. The woman was hundreds of years old! True, she didn't look it, but that made her clever. Clever women were always trouble.

"Ah, here your are." Her finger stopped on a name. She seemed genuinely surprised. "According to this, you shouldn't be-"

Marc coughed loudly. "I'm a descendant of Apollo, then?"

She nodded, looking troubled. "But when did he make you?"

Marc shrugged. "Must have decided my grandma was pretty enough. Who knows. God's are easily persuaded." He didn't bother telling the woman that he had a brother. He didn't even know WHO his brother was. He only knew that he had one. His mother had sent him a letter a while back telling him of the little thing. Well, not that Marcus cared. He just didn't want his brother dragged in like he was. 

"In any case, I have been examining what we know on Apollo's abilities," the woman said, standing up and walking over to the door of the large room. Marc shrugged and followed. Might as well hear this. "You're bubbles are similar to how Apollo changed shape and created storms. The only difference is that he didn't damage reality when he used his powers, unlike you."

Yeah yeah. That was essentially her condemning him for making things out of nothing. "How do I do what he did, then?"

"He simply believed it to be reality without a shred of doubt." the woman turned to him, somehow looking to be in her teens now, though Marc thought he was just seeing things. "You have to think of it as something that always was, instead of forcing something to change."

Marc shrugged. "Sure."

It was at that time that Chloe and Emily walked in. 

"Ladies!" Marc called, raising his hands, "It appears I am Apollo's descendant! You know what that means?"

Chloe was the one to answer. "Bad luck with love?"

Marc smiled, trying not to let his annoyance show. Mainly because she was right. Apollo apparently had numerous failings in love. He fathered many children, but most of his lovers either betrayed or left him. "It means that I am very good looking." 

Again, Chloe spoke. "Well, I won't deny that, but usually I look inside before looking outside, and.... well, let's just say you're not looking too well." 

Marc sighed. He knew she was joking around, but that was too good. "Luckily, my dear, we have only known each other for a day or so. You will change your opinion in time." He winked and left the library, not bothering to say anything to the younger Gabby or Emily. You only complimented one woman at a time. If you did more than one in front of them, then you would be labeled a true lecher. Yet, if it was one at a time, you could create jealousy. 

This might be worth the trouble after all. 

Marc opened a bubble and moved himself to his room, which was directly overhead at that moment. He picked up his ipod and decided to look through some art. He still had a job to do. And art... was refreshing. 

The End

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