Emily: Breakfast

Emily read the message on the ipad and felt an overwhelming sense of... well, being overwhelmed. She had only just accepted that this was truth, that this was possible, and now here were guidelines and even more information. Gabbie didn't have to tell her to sleep,  she was going to. And maybe she'd wake up and find it was all a dream. Yes. 

The one thing that clung to her was Kate. As she slipped in to sleep, she worried about Kate and how she'd react when she found out Emily was missing. Did she have the  police searching right now? 

The next morning Emily woke to the bell, signalling she had an hour to get ready. Groaning she crawled out of bed and went for a shower. So much for not real. Emily was not a morning person, and she could tell that this was not going to be fun for her. She was much better at night time. 

Showered and dressed, Emily made it downstairs in time for  breakfast. She sat down, her ipad in her satchel which had appeared with some of her clothes that morning, and proceeded to help herself to food like the others. Chloe appeared and sat next to her. 


"Hey." Emily smiled, offering her the toast. 

"Thanks. So, has it sunk in yet?"

"I think the waking up this morning and still being here was the final punch.  At least the food's good and we have super powers."

Chloe laughed and nodded. 

"I guess."

"Ladies, ladies, I'm so glad you missed me!" Marcus strolled over and sat down, beginning to heap food on to his plate. 

"We were pining." Emily replied with heavy sarcasm. Marcus smirked in amusement, although Emily couldn't tell whether it was at her sarcasm or that he had a particularly good comeback. As it turned out...

"I see you have claws. I guess the 'kidnapped' phase has worn off and you now believe in our... skills?"

"I'll believe more when I see my own 'skills' but yeah I guess. I mean it's obvious you have some sort of power. It's intriguing."

"Not the first time a woman has called me intriguing."

"Probably not the last. But you'd better watch how  forward you plan to be in case I can shoot fire out of my hands or something." Marcus chuckled and dug in to his food, supposedly silenced for the moment. "So I guess training is the place we find out what skills we have?"

"We'll probably be tested, well, those who don't know their power, and then when they've found out what you can do, it'll be a matter of training you to use it. Of course, that means that before they even begin training, they're probably going to  get you to look at your ancestry."

"But... if they're talking about all the way back to mythological times how could we possibly know? It would take years!"

"The libraries here have entire books on lineage. A book per line. You'd just need to find a relative in them and then look at the title of the book to find out."

"Oh, so we have to search through giant books for one name? No problem." Emily replied sarcastically. 

"You know sarcasm is the lowest form of wit?"

"Not if it's used properly."

Marcus grinned and turned to Chloe  to have a conversation. Emily stared at her half empty plate, thinking of the craziness she'd been dumped in to. Well... dragged. 

But a little part of her hoped it was true. Because really, who doesn't wish they had super powers?

The End

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