Abby: Orientation

Chloe finished her bath feeling refreshed but still tired from a long day of having her entire world turned upsidedown. She was ready to sleep. When she reached the bed, she found an expensive looking ipad propped up against the pillows. A message was displayed on the screen. She knew it was probably intended for immediate reading, so she picked it up. She had the random thought that she should probably check to see if there was a lock on her room door. She was uneasy with the idea that anybody could just walk in and deposit stuff on her bed. She sat down and began to read.

Good evening new Forecasters.
I realize that you're all going through a big change in your lives, so this ipad will make things a little easier. Each one is retina identified to its owner. Only that person can access private files, except outgoing emails. Those will be monitored for indications of where you are, and what you're doing. This is a secret organization, and its location and activities must remain secret for your own safety as well as the safety of the rest of us. We have enemies, and they will stop at nothing to gain access to our bases of operation. You will learn more about all of that later.

Right now I'd like to address the concerns that all newcomers have, so this is your orientation information:

Where am I
When you're finished reading this message, touch the map icon at the top of the screen. It will show an icon for the castle, and various locations on the estate. Touch it, and it will show you where you are. There will be a touch keyboard and comment box to type in where you want to go. A red directional arrow will guide you until you arrive at your destination. 
Your ipad is yours and yours alone. Don't lend it, or leave it behind. You will always need it. If you do lose it, let me know immediately. It has a locator beacon that  I can access. I can also destroy it from a distance if it falls into the wrong hands.

You will no doubt want your own clothes and other personal items, since this is going to be your new home. Clothing and smaller items will be sent to you immediately. Some bedroom furniture will be shipped to you, but the rest will be sold or given to others, as you choose. Letters have been sent to landlords to pay up outstanding debt and to inform them that you are moving out. Homeowners will be contacted to see who you want your property to go to. Being a Forecaster is a lifetime commitment. If you don't want that for yourself, then let me know and you'll be returned home without your powers, or any knowledge of this organization or its whereabouts.

How did I get my abilities ?
It was mentioned at dinner that you're all here to protect our little blue planet from self-destruction, or destruction by others. Each of you have unique abilities, that will help us do that, but many of you have just recently discovered your powers, and don't know how to use them or what their full potential is. That's why you're here for training.

Most of you don't know why you were chosen for these abilities, or where they come from. You literally got them from the gods. Each of you are the distant descendent of a god or goddess with a human mate. You inherited your gifts from them. These gifts stayed dormant until you were old enough to use them. Some of them are weaker than those of others because you are further removed from your ancestor. The weaker abilities can be strengthened through training, or through contact with your original ancestor - Yes they are still alive, but hidden. My gifts and Mr. Sydney's are stronger than everyone else's because we are the direct children of a god or goddess. We are as old as the ancient cultures we sprang from. We are essentially immortal unless we are killed through deliberate murder, or misadventure. Time itself won't kill us.

As you were growing up you were taught about the deities of ancient cultures. You were told that they were myths - interesting stories that were untrue. That is not the case. There are supreme beings that still exist, but they don't get involved with humans unless they absolutely have to.  Irreparable damage to the earth, or humanity would be a reason to call on a god or goddess for help. An instance where their very existence is threatened is another reason to get them involved.

What happens next?
Now you will sleep. In the morning a bell will sound in the corridors to wake you up. You will have one hour to get up, shower, and dress before breakfast. If you're late, someone will be sent to get you. Wakeup times and meals will be indicated by bells. It is important that everyone keeps to the same 
schedule. Otherwise there is complete chaos. After breakfast all of the newcomers will be shown to the training grounds where your education will begin. Sleep well.



The End

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