Chloe: Two Lefts and a Right

A lot of things had happened at dinner, but shortly after Marc has left, everyone became quiet again. “Excuse me,” Chloe said as she stood up to leave.

She walked away out of the large doors and into the long, endless hallway. “Wait up!” She heard someone call out, as she slowed down slightly so that the caller could catch up, but judging by her voice, she could tell it was one of the girls that she sat next to, Emily.

“Hey,” she said as she caught up.

“You’re heading back to your room?” Emily asked as she matched her pace.

“Yeah, if I can figure out where it is. I’m not too good with mazes,” Chloe smiled at her.

“I’m two lefts and a right,” she sounded so cheery, and if Chloe hadn’t seen how she had reacted back in the room, she would’ve never thought that she had just been through what she had. “I’m sure your room is somewhere on the way.”

“I hope so,” she said letting Emily take the lead.

They talked about how dinner was various other things until we came to a stop at a door. “This is my room, see anything familiar on your way?”

“Haha, not really,” Chloe laughed off her embarrassment.

“Well why don’t you come in for a bit,” she offered as she opened the door leading into a room that was identical to hers, but what was this feeling? Was it nervousness? Was it from her lack of contact with girls these past years? Or was it simply lack of contact with humans in general?

She shrugged off the uneasiness that had planted itself on her shoulders and walked into the room, glancing at everything, the detailed work of the bed frame as well as the desk that was just across the room that had a view that presumable peered out into a cast open field of beauty, but all she could see was her reflection.

Chloe closed the door behind her as she saw Emily slip into the bathroom. She walked across to the window and heard the rain that continued to fall ever so slightly. She grabbed the curtains and closed them and quietly sat on the bed continuing to examine the room.

Emily came out with her hair pulled back into a neat yet messy bun, her face freshly washed and a new smile planted on her face, however, this one seemed forced.

“So how’d you get here?” She asked as she sat in front of Chloe, crossing her slender legs with the same smile on her face.

“Drugged and dragged here,” she said simply.

“Kidnapped too, huh?” Her smile wavered slightly. Relief?

“Haha, yeah,” she laughed trying to lighten the mood. “You?”

“Struck by lightning.” She said clearly not buying the mood lightening strategy.

Her body posture seemed to suggest that she was still uncomfortable with the whole situation, but invited Chloe in just because she was nice. Her mind was still fragile. After all that she had seen and been through, Chloe knew what she had to do. It wasn’t that she couldn’t grasp onto this new reality that was shoved down her throat. Rather, she couldn’t let go of the reality she had known before this; something must’ve happened before she was brought here.

Chloe leaned in and wrapped her arms around Emily without even thinking about it. Maybe it was just something she wished someone had done to her when she had found out she was special, when a whole new world was shown to her. The memories of her endless nights of crying herself to sleep, alone, struck her as she pulled away and simply smiled the most genuine smile she could give at that moment.

“It’s for the best,” she reached for Emily’s hands and gave them a tight squeeze. “It may not seem like it, but It’s better to be here and realize what your capable of than to be alone and suffer the consequences.”

Chloe stood up, knowing she should probably leave Emily to process everything that had happened and get a, hopefully, good night’s rest.

Chloe made my way to the door and Emily followed behind. Before she closed the door, she whispered, “thank you.”

“I may have just met you, but If you ever need someone to talk to, I wouldn’t mind the company either,” they both smiled before the door closed and Chloe sighed, pushing her memories away.

She made her way down the hall back towards the dining hall, but ran into a familiar somebody on her way.

“Girls night?” A smirk appeared on his lips as Chloe walked passed him.

Marc was leaned against the wall as if he had been waiting for her, but as she continued walking she heard his faint footsteps behind her.

“More like fixing what you almost broke,” she said.

“’Almost’ being the key word,” he retorted.

“Almost is enough,” she hissed and turned on him.

He stopped, but stayed composed. “Your scar,” he pointed to her eye.

She flushed and turned back, covering her right eye as she continued to walk, trying to remember the way back to the dining hall.

“Car accident,” she said softly, knowing that whenever her scar was brought up the ‘how’d you get it’ question would always come up.

“That’s not what I was going to ask. Does it hurt?” As if he had read her thoughts.

“No,” she whispered this time.

“Was that when you first met, him?”


There was a long moment of silence, but as she turned and had the large familiar doors she could sense a hand coming towards her and instinctively put up a barrier that repelled things away from her.

Chloe didn’t need his sympathy or his smart-ass remarks, she just needed to get back to her room and take a much needed bath.

As his hand made contact with her shield it was sent back with a strong push that caught him off guard. He fumbled back slightly, but she could sense a smile come back to his lips as he chuckled.

She eventually found someone that led her back to her room and she headed straight for the antique looking wardrobe and pulled out a shirt that looked three times too large for her and some shorts.

She walked straight for the bathroom and turned on the hot water and prepared for a bath. As the small room filled with warmth, she sat back down on the floor where she had sat earlier today and stared at the same speck on the ground and simply waited for her much needed bath.

The End

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