Marcus: Lots and Lots of Ladies

Marc ate while checking out the people surrounding him. For some reason, he doubted this was all the 'special' people this organization had. He had tried looking into it, but there was no trace of it according to Google. How many invitations had they sent him? The first time, he remembered, was like this Emily girl's. Knocked out and taken. Hilariously enough, Mr. Stiff didn't know what Marcus could do. So, one minute he was acting high and mighty with his lightning, then he was in a pool down the street and Marcus was hiding in another random house. Hehe... 

Now that Marc saw these girls, though, he wondered if not being taken all that time ago was a mistake. Why, ALL these girls had a certain level of attraction, though none seemed to match that mature beauty Mrs. Noonan brought out. 

For starters, the girl named Emily had long blonde hair that came in waves and a narrow body that Marc didn't mind in the least. High cheekbones, those big blue eyes, and even narrow hips. Hmmm. Definitely would be a challenge with this whole 'kidnapped' thing though. 

Marc adjusted his scarf and set his eyes on the girl next to her. Chloe. Decently long brown hair, a fit build that made Marc remember those chicks you see jogging, and light brown eyes. Wait, was that a scar? Oh wow, she had a scar above her right eye. That didn't put off Marc at all, though. Maybe it was won from some crazy accident that would make him laugh. 

Subconsciously, Marc rubbed his own neck, trying not to think about his own scar that lay just below the scarf's fabric. 

"So, about the powers... Am I drugged or something?"

That Emily chick was off limits until she accepted all this, sadly. Marc could help. "Would you like some ice cream to cool your head down? We wouldn't want all that pretty blonde hair burning up." 

She gave him an odd look, but he had succeeded in getting her mind off the subject. Sadly, the girl named Chloe came to the rescue. "You don't need to worry, you're not alone." 

Marc smiled at them both and created a bubble around the room after noticing everyone had finished eating. Their plates disappeared and were replaced by ice cream sundaes. There was a feeling of awe moving around, with the exception of that ageless beauty of course. There, now they would all be in awe of his-

The sundaes disappeared and their nearly empty plates reappeared. 

What the? 

"Marcus Silver," Gabbie, that sneaky woman, said sternly, "In order to do that, you alter reality inside the bubbles you make and force the change onto the area once the bubble has vanished. Though this was harmless, this power of your is dangerous if abused." She seemed... well, just short of angry. And that was saying a lot for a stone-cold gal like her. Maybe Marc wouldn't try to lure her in. He could die in the middle of a date...

Chloe suppressed a small laugh and Emily seemed still in shock, somewhat. To his side, Marc saw the boy laughing softly. Darn it all. He was supposed to be doing the insults! "Miss Noonan," Marc said in his nicest voice, "I do believe I have learned my lesson. But, I don't know if I could control myself unless I was around some pretty girls..." As if to make an impact, Marc created a bubble around the room, making sure none of these 'gifted' kids could see it, and placed himself between Emily and Chloe. Emily jumped, of course. 

"What are you trying to pull, huh?" Emily asked slowly. 

Marc smiled. "Why, nothing at all. But, I would rather not be stuck in a room with a nasty boy. A room with a girl would be much better." 

There was a sigh across the room. "Marcus, you all have an independent room. For a reason."

That... was odd. Marcus placed himself beside the woman. "How long has your organization been watching me? I made sure to keep myself from notice until that first incident with Mr Stiff." Now was no time for anything but seriousness, but that kid, James, had just accidentally slung some food on his face. Such... a... funny... moment... must... make... a... punchline... 

"We've been watching you for three years. Ever since the incident in Wales that nearly-"

Marc coughed. "Nothing happened." He made himself appear out in the hallway, away from the dining room, clinging to his scarf that hid the reminder of... well, nothing that should be remembered, of course. "If they have been watching me for only a year, then why..."

No, he didn't need to think about that. What he needed to do was focusing on hitting on these girls before he left this place. Moving himself to different places didn't damage reality in any way, so that lady couldn't reverse it. Only creating messed with reality. He could still escape.

AFTER he got with those girls. He was only 23. Not too old for them yet. Yeah, this was going to be fun. It's almost like he was a bachelor. Fun. So fun. New jokes were going to be made soon, too. So fun. 

The End

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