Emily: Conversations

"How'd they get you in?" The girl named Chloe asked Emily, picking at her food. 

"Hit by lightening and kidnapped." Emily replied digging in to her food. She couldn't believe how hungry she was. She'd been waiting for Kate to bring back the food... Kate. She must be freaking out. I should call her. 

"Well I had to be seduced in." The guy named Marcus grinned at them. Emily rolled her eyes. It was clear this was the kind of guy he was. A bit of a joker. Kate would like him. Emily usually would. But considering she'd just been kidnapped...

"Who'd  they send?" 

"Her." He pointed up to Gabriella. 

"Oh." Emily wasn't expecting that. Gabriella seemed to be too in control to be collecting people. But then she did seem to have an extraordinary ability to look a different age every time they saw her. Maybe she had other hidden talents too. 

"Yeah... guess later on I'll have to steal her away. I mean no one can resist me when I've thrown down the charm." He winked at the girls. 

"Want a bet?" Emily grinned. 

"Never bet a better."

Emily shrugged and smiled, then turned back to Chloe. 

"So you don't want to stay?"

"Not really."

"I mean I'm not too happy... I don't even believe this is real... but if I'm going to be stuck here with crazies I figure I might as well explore a little bit."

"You don't believe you have powers?" A young guy to the right of Marcus chipped in, leaning forward. He had bright blonde hair and blue eyes. 

"No... why do you?" Emily asked. 

Marcus and the other guy snorted at the same time. 

"Check it out." Marcus said. Suddenly a bubble appeared around the guy next to him. He moved, not by choice, but through some force. And then he and the chair were suddenly floating up in the air. Emily stared in quiet shock. 

"Marcus, put James down." Gabriella's voice rang across the hall. 

Marcus rolled his eyes and set James back at the table. The bubble disappeared. 

"Now do you believe?" Marcus asked as James elbowed him grinning. 

"Er... uhm..." Emily stared. 

"See? I always make ladies speechless."

The End

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