Abby: Introductions

Sparkling antique crystal chandeliers hung above a long rosewood table in the ancient castle's dining great hall. Although the walls were stone, they were covered with modern insulation and drywall. All modern amenities like electricity, plumbing, and internet access were present, but tastefully installed so as not to detract from the original beauty and majesty of the place. When all of the guests were seated, Gabriella stood up at one end of the table.

"Good evening everyone. My name is Gabriella Noonan. Gabbie, if you prefer. I will conduct your training. The gentleman at the other end of the table is Mr Sydney. He generally runs regular operations at the corporate headquarters in the city. We belong to a group called the Forecasters, that pretty much keeps the world spinning on its axis evenly on a daily basis. Each of you were brought here because you were born with certain abilities that will help us do just that. You're all new members tonight, but there are many others whom you will meet on an individual basis later, as you settle in."

An arm was quietly raised from the right side of the table.

"Yes, Chloe?"

"What if we don't want to join your club?"

"Then your abilities will be removed, and you will be returned to your old life without the memory of ever having had them."


"Because you all have the potential to damage the fabric of time and space by the inadvertent or deliberate misuse of your powers. That is of course, unacceptable. The corporate offices have systems that can detect powers usage, and when we find someone new with abilities, we bring them here for training."

Chloe nodded and lowered her hand.  Another hand beside her shot up.

"Yes, Marcus."

"What do you mean by training? What does that entail?"

"Well, we establish exactly what the limits of your capabilities are, then we set up a scenario where you'll have to use them. My job is to help you use them the most effectively without harming yourself, others, or the universe."

"Okay, so when will we start saving the world from itself?''

"When you're ready."

Another hand went up.

"Yes, Emily."

"Do you and Mr. Sydney have powers?"

"We do. Mr Sydney can control the weather, and I can repair rifts in time where people show up, or incidences occur in time frames that they don't belong."

"Wow! Where do powers like that come from?"

"I'm a descendant of a human man, and the Diana, goddess of the moon, hunting, and chastity. Mr. Sydney is a descendant of Zeus."

"You're like a god and goddess?"

"Not really. We're human as well. We can't control people, just clean up the mess they leave behind."

Gabby looked around, and no more hands were raised.

"Alright, then. You must be hungry. We may eat, now."


The End

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