Chloe: Forseen Change

Chloe shifted only slightly as she regained consciousness only remembering bits and pieces from before she blacked out, but after a few minutes of proper thinking she remembered: she'd been kidnapped. Her eyes fluttered open only to be blinded by the final rays of day.  She closed her eyes again and, this time, she opened them slowly hoping they'd adjust better but this time her eyes focused on something else, or, someone else. A woman stood at the window that was presumably on the west side of a building, gazing out as the sun began to set. 

"You're the last one up," the woman said. She turned to look at her as she began to sit up.

"Last one?" Chloe asked rubbing her eyes.

"You'll see," she smiled. "It's dinner time, so you should probably wash up before you come down," she nodded at her oh-so-attractive bed-head as she struggled to tame her wild hair, blushing with embarrassment, but as soon as she turned her attention back to where the auburn haired lady stood she was already gone. Chloe let out a sigh and trudged towards the bathroom that was quiet spacious with plenty of room to just sit and lean against the wall with her legs spread out in front of her.

She stared down at the floor for a couples minutes and thought what shed gotten herself into.

She gently brought a finger to her eye and felt the faint bump the scar had left while memories of that tragic night flashed back which made her jump, remembering vividly, the man that had saved her parents in exchange for her 'services' when she'd turn 22.

And I was hoping for a nice peaceful night watching Netflix Chloe complained as she stood back up standing in front of a large mirror.

She grabbed the hair brush that was probably placed there just for her and brushed through the many tangles in her long brown hair.

Once she was satisfied she left the bathroom and reached for the door that lead to an unknown place, but before her hand made contact with the door, something on the night stand caught her eye. Her phone.

She made her way towards the electronic device and clicked it on, but there was nothing waiting for her, as usual.

Something's don't change she thought as a small smile came to her lips. She turned away from the one thing that kept her in contact with the outside world and ran out of her room into a long hallway that seemed to stretch into eternity.

Chloe had a fifty-fifty chance of heading in the right direction so she decided to head to the right only to be stopped by a maid that led her through a massive set of wooden doors that led into a room that was lit up like dinner at dusk with. In the middle was a long wooden table and at one end was the auburn haired lady and at the other was someone she had not met before. One one side were the boys and on the other was girls, each sitting in their seats in silence with only a few whispering to each other.

"Ma'am," the maid stretched out her arm that directed Chloe to a seat that was already pulled out for her. She sat next a girl with long, wavy hair the color of gold to her right, a girl who looked slightly older than her to her left and in front of a boy who simply smirked as she sat down, but she ignored him and looked down the table at the same auburn haired woman.

"Well you look like you had a nice long nap," the guy in joked as he pointed to a section of hair Chloe had missed catching her attention again as well as the attention of everyone else at the table causing them to giggle in unison. Her cheeks turned bright red as she ran her fingers delicately through her hair until it returned to it's naturally straight position.

"My names Marc, by the way," he added as they made eye contact, but Chloe quickly looked away, still embarrassed by earlier.

"Chloe," she said turning her head to the girl next to her right who had stood out to Chloe for some reasons. "And you are?"

"Emily," she smiled clearly still trying to take in whatever traumatic events she'd been through today.

And I'm guessing we're all special.

The End

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