Marcus: Do do do de da da da

"Don't think me unkind."

Marc passed by the people on the street, ignoring their odd looks. He was dressed in his finest suit! A unbuttoned blue shirt with a white tanktop underneath, blue jeans covering his legs, and, of course, his usual deep blue scarf. Was it that odd to be wearing this combination in the summer? Well, maybe they were against his song.

"Words are hard to find." Marc turned a corner and headed toward his next job; a painting done by some nobody named James Oliver Rodgers. "They're only checks I've left unsigned. From the banks of chaos in my mind."

"And when their eloquence escapes me," a voice said from behind me, causing me to smile. "Hello, Marcus Silver." A female voice this time! And she knew of the Police! What a find! Marcus turned around and saw the auburn haired beauty standing there amid the people walking by. From her ageless face and knowledge of Marc's name, he guessed she was the one sent by Lesser Goat. 

Now, to see if she was truly like him. 

Marc opened a bubble around him, spreading it until it enclosed a nearby alley that looked empty. Once the thing was in place, he moved himself and his lovely new companion to the alleyway, then collapsed the bubble. Any normal girl would have thought she wandered into the place and headed back out, or just not noticed the difference, but this girl looked around and seemed to understand how she got there. Yup, Marc had to keep his deal with Lesser Goat, sadly.

"Your 'bubbles' are very useful, Marcus," the woman said, smiling softly, "It will help us in the future. Now come along so we can get back to the base before dinner." She seemed in control, not like Marc had expected. Was she a higher member of this 'organization?'

"Why not have dinner at a much fancier place with me, my lady?" Marcus said to the woman, "Wouldn't it be much better than going back to a place full of... unsavory company?"

The woman never lost her soft smile, which Marcus now realized to be one of confidence, rather than being just pleasant. "It is doubtful that anyone in this city can cook better than the chef's we employ, Marcus. I still have much to do today, as well. I do not like leaving things unattended."

Well then, so much for that. Had it not been for his deal with Lesser Goat, Marc would have continued to push for a night alone. Oh well, it was a shame. "When do they need me there? Do they want to play with bubbles? I have lots of those."

As if in answer, the woman pulled an envelope and held it up. Marc created a bubble and made the envelope appear in his hand. "Is this your number? Because I don't have a phone. I'll need an address, so I can-" Marc willed himself to the side of the ageless beauty "-pop in." He winked when she looked at him, not showing an ounce of surprise. That was boring. Marc wanted to make her jump a little.

See, she was supposed to become startled, hold a hand to her chest, and playfully told Marcus that he was a mean man for playing such tricks. Of course, she would say it with a flirty smile and expect something more. Marcus would smile back, lay on a few lines about how she was brighter than the sun or something, then they would go out for dinner! That was how things had been planned! 

Tch. He should've known this woman wouldn't have fallen for that. Oh well. 

"There is an address, phone number, and a simple map in there. I doubt you will need all three, but I prefer to be thorough." Marc tried to get in a quip about him being thorough when a lady was concerned, but when he looked up, the ageless woman had disappeared. Odd, but maybe she had an ability to move herself or something. There was supposedly a report on some girl who could change how fast she moved. Or speed up and slow down time. Marc hadn't cared enough to actually hack further into those people's network. 

But, maybe this would be a good thing. Or a bad thing. He opened up the envelope and found all the information the lady had promised. She had been right about his bubbles. He would be able to help more people this way... and maybe make some more jokes, too. Hmmm. But he could also die.... 

"Your logic ties me up and rapes me," Marc whispered to himself as he thought about what the woman had said. Well, he did make a deal... 

The End

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