Emily: New

Emily woke up in a place she didn't recognise, on a bed that felt unfamiliar and with light streaming through curtains that were too expensive looking. 

"What the...?" She murmured, wincing as she tried to move and felt a dull pain in her back. "Ow..."

"Yes, the lightening bolt. Regrettable turn of events."

Emily stared over at the woman sitting at the side of the bed. Her auburn hair was shining in the sunlight coming through the window and she smiled gently at Emily. 

"Who are you?" 

"Gabriella Noonan. I can't stay long, I have plenty other forecasters to greet... and a few others to reprimand."

"Fore... what?"

"Forecasters. It'll be explained to you later in detail, but for now you should know that the reason you have been brought here is because you have skills. Powers, some would call them. We're here to help you develop and control them."

"Powers? What...? Oh okay... this is some prank? Kate? Kate are you pranking me?"

"Your friend is not here and this is not a prank. We have powers that enable us to keep the balance of time and reality... each person who joins us brings a new power which enables us to succeed. We hope that when we have shown you how to harness your power that you will help us with our cause."

Emily stared at Gabriella, unable to believe that this woman genuinely believed what she was saying. This sort of thing didn't exist. Well, not outside of books, tv and film. It was insanity. 

"You kidnapped me..."

"Not me personally... but our leader Mr. Sydney has a hands on approach to collecting prospective new members. He's not used to being a people person. The lightening didn't do any harm though; you're only bruised."


Mr. Sydney's skill... he's a descendant of... well maybe that's best left to a time when you are feeling better. Perhaps when you discover your own family heritage. For now though, I must go. There are other people who need to be spoken with. Dinner is at seven, that gives you a couple of hours to look around. Someone will be along to collect you shortly to give you more detail, along with some of the other people who are new. It's been lovely speaking to you." She got up to go. 

"Wait..." Gabriella paused. "Am I dreaming?"

"Why don't you see if you wake up?" She replied with a smile and then left the room. Emily stared speechlessly at the door for a while, then got up and wandered around the room. It was old looking, the architecture, and everything was simply but expensively furnished. She peered through a door and found a bathroom. She turned on the tap, washed her face, and then stared in to the mirror taking calming breaths. She frowned, and then said her thoughts out loud. 

"I've been kidnapped by psychos who think they're superheroes." 

The End

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