Abby: Roundup

Gabriella Noonan lay back in her comfortable rocker / recliner and watched the screen that filled the entire wall across the room. It was split into several  smaller screens where different scenarios were being played out. Her ageless face took on an annoyed expression as she watched a bolt of lightening knock Emily Worth unconscious. It was a very small voltage, but there was no need for it. She would have to talk to her 'fearless leader' and tell him off.

She walked over to a narrow casement window and gazed out. She could  see that one of the horse handlers was leading her thoroughbred mare Moonlight into the stables. She reflected on what a beautiful place she lived in. It was a solid stone castle complete with a shallow moat, which was kept specifically for a family of white swans. The thousand acre estate had become the country home and training grounds for the group of special people she was charged with finding and helping to realize their true potential. Just then a bolt of lightening streaked the leaden skies, followed by a din of thunder and a sudden deluge of rain. She closed the window and latched it against the wind.

What was with the stormy weather every time someone was brought into the fold, anyway? Her best guess was that the boss was bored. He was usually squirreled away in the city at the corporate headquarters, so he probably had a touch of cabin fever. Sometimes he chose to go along for the ride when a new member was collected. He was in the limo when Emily was picked up.

She shifted her attention to another one of the small screens where Marcus Silver was playing with bubbles again. He was being difficult with his collector, trying to insult him. She rolled her eyes. Marc had an unusual fascination with goats, apparently. Still, he would be fun to work with, she thought.

On another screen, she watched Chloe being chloroformed and kidnapped. She jumped off her chair in fury. This was unacceptable. The girl already knew about her abilities. There was no reason to be so rough with her. Heads were going to roll! Well ... figuratively. She had seen enough of that kind of gore in medieval  times.


The End

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