She sat there in silence as everyone around her was feverishly scribbling down notes while the professor rambled on about who knows what at the front of the classroom. The girl in the back of the classroom seemed just as ordinary as they came; there was nothing remotely interesting about her, but that's the way she liked it.

Chloe's mind wandered from reality and into the deepest part of her memory, the part she had hidden away for so long. "Today's the day." She whispered softly as she began to pack her things.

As the last of her belongings was slipped into her backpack a loud crackle rang through her classroom. Chills ran all over her body as she stood up to leave right when her professor stopped talking, but as she left the building rain began to pour down but it didn't bother her.

She was different, her body could essentially be a magnet or a repellant which is why she preferred to be anonymous. Chloe surrounded her body in an aura that kept the rain off of her.

She watched as the students scramble around her as she stayed nice and dry, but not for long. A shadowy figure came from the midst of the storm and her concentration broke as she stood in front of him, stunned and wet.

"It'a been a while hasn't it?" A smile apeared on his face as Chloe shuddered at the familiar voice.

"18 years."She answered simply.

"Will you keep your promise?" The falling rain filled the silence as we both stared at each other for what seemed like eternity, but was broken as he came towards her with his hand stretched out.

"Stay back!" She hissed, but he continued forward. "I'm warning you!"

He didn't stop, and when he was within two feet she let out her emotions in a flurry that blew him back into the water that had begun to build up.

He smiled as he got back up and chuckled, "You've learned about your powers. I guess it really is time."

And that's when a pair of hands wrapped around her mouth and nose causing her to inhale something, and within seconds, the ordinary girl had been officially been kidnapped.

The End

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