Bubbles and Jokes

Marcus walked, whistling a jolly tone he had picked up in the last town. He had forgotten its name, but he didn't mind. Being a critic had it's perked. He could move from place to place as he wished, enjoying what he wished. All he had to do was go make fun of some people drawings. Easy money, right?

Marcus hit a corner and waited at the red light. Why was it red, anyway? Red was for fire, rockets, and racing cars. Shouldn't red be the go sign? And green? It was the color of nature. Sure, it moved, but at the speed of a fast snail. And that is being generous to the plants, not the snail. It was important to know the difference.

A car pulled out, obviously having the same thoughts as Marcus about the colors of the stop sign, and was immediately hit by a large truck. Well, that wasn't right, mister truck. You weren't supposed to hit the car that ran that red light today. It just wasn't polite. 

Marcus raised a hand. "Reality!" 

It was a strange sensation as his 'bubble' surrounded the four way and the wreck. It kind of felt like he was expanding. It only took a moment, but Marcus could imagine the car stopping just short of being hit. No, not imagine. He made it real. 

The bubble disappeared and Marcus smiled as the car slammer on brakes just before hitting the truck. There was a cursing, of course, and a scared to death mother of three feeling bad about almost running the light. Her three children seemed just as shocked. Well, they should learn the difference in lights. It might be convoluted, but it was just normal. 

And then Marcus walked on, heading for his next appointment. Since it was a semi-busy town, he had decided against taking a car. One needed to walk in order to stay healthy. Of course, Marcus could just make himself fit, but what was the fun in that? It was like telling a punchline before working up the crowd. A good punchline, of course, as the crowd would still laugh, but it wouldn't feel as good.

A man in black was walking behind Marcus, then. Well, that was certainly odd. True, he liked the heat, but wasn't black supposed to make you hotter? Was this man the sun's lover or had he just wanted to be stylish more than reasonable? Marcus had met goats with more sense, either way.

Marcus opened his bubble, extending to the other side of the road. He was at the other side, opposite of the man in black, now. He closed the bubble and started walking once more, only to realize the man was watching him now. That was odd. Marcus was sure he imagined himself out of the man's sight. That meant... 

Well, they had found him at last. 

Marcus opened his bubble and placed himself in front of the man this time. The man didn't jump like usual people did. Definitely a sign he was lesser than a goat. But, that's not an insult. Marcus had known some fine goats in his time. 

"How may I help you, Mr. Lesser Goat?" Marcus asked, preparing a bubble. It wasn't like he thought he was in danger, but goats hurt when they hit you. Despite being lesser than a goat, this one could probably still hurt someone. 

"I need you to come with me, Mr. Silver," Lesser Goat said in a very official voice. 

"Wow, you can speak," Marcus said casually, "And here I thought you couldn't even do that, being lesser than a goat and all."

The man ignored the comment, sadly. It was no fun making fun of someone if they didn't react! No fun at all! Well, Marcus had overused the goat thing, even if only in his head. Plus, this guy might be able to read minds or something if he was from that place...

"Look, I don't want to cause you trouble, but I say no." Marcus smiled at the man and started backing up. "I doubt someone with your face - one that not even your mother probably loved - could do it, but if you find me a cute girl and make her ask me, then I will consider."

The man nodded. "It will be done. I'll have the others-"

Marcus snapped, causing the man to stop mid-sentence. "I want a girl like me, mind you. Regular ones I can make not see my power, so I'll know. I want a cute girl I can prank with a disappearing act, Lesser Goat."

The man grimaced, causing Marcus to feel immensely better. He had been insulted! Marcus made a goat joke work! This was a big day for him. He had insulted a man with cats, dogs, cows, chickens, and even squirrels, but goats was new! Now he could move on with his life!

That is, until those people brought a pretty girl along. Marcus had to keep his word, sadly. Then again, how did one keep a form of communication? 

The End

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