First glimpseMature

When I eventually could put what kind of man he is into words to others who never met him I instantly thought of a few rather vague words to describe most men like him. Though nothing came close to what he was like on sight.He was Intelligent. Charming. Handsome. The first glimpse of the man I wanted to have beside me forever was in a back alley street market near my house where I usually bought my books.

Literature was my first love you see; a world of fiction coinsidently leading me into a world of pain just because I decided that I needed another of many books to add to my seeming obessive collection. As the wind whistled past my ear as I looked in a professional fashion at the second hand books alone on the stall it would later seem so ironic as we both picked up the same romance novel so as to make us meet. A book I now can't bare to read or talk of because of this.

“I’m terribly sorry about that Miss, you take it, I insist" he expressed apologetically, our hands leaving each other's seemingly reluctantly at the time. Despite my not having let my eyes move to see his features; I could hear tenderness in his accent, a deepness in his throat and felt a softness in his fingers.

The stuttering came deep in my throat before I could even think properly. A determination however lead me to say my name. Something that even past the pain of these later days still surprises me.

"I...I'm not a Miss...really. I'm Emily"

A startled look as I get my first taster of his features, the deepest blue eyes, a mop of black hair and stubble gently caressing his face and lips. He gave me a cheeky mischievous grin and held out a mitten hand towards me -  the weather being positively freezing may I add and he, as I was, was dressed from head to toe in scarfs and thick coats. and so he shook my hand with an ease that he seemed to grace everyone in his presence with.

"Well, I'm not a miss either!" the young man told me bursting into a cheerful chuckle that still haunts my ear drums as I finally came to learn this man's name. A name that would haunt me forever. "My name is Adam. It's a pleasure to meet you, Emily is it?"

The End

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