Chapter 1Mature

Lily shot up in bed, her head pounding and her night gown damp with sweat. She glanced at her alarm clock and groaned laying back down and counting down from ten.  The alarm clock began to ring, Lily slapped the button and stood up.

"Right on time." she mumbled.  Lily slipped into  pair of black ripped jeans and a too-tight T-shirt.  She sat in her revolving chair and opened her laptop.  Lily's laptop has been her only lifeline for as long as she can remember.  Her father rarely ever let her out of the house, she never tried to leave for she remembered exactly what the consequences were.


I was a cold September night, Lily had sneaked down to a coffee shop to her one of her favorite bands play.  "I'll only be gone a minute, papa can't possibly find out." she had reasoned with herself. The show had ended at quarter past midnight, Lily had lost track of time and ran as fast as she could down the block.  Once she reached the apartment she climbed up the fire escape as quickly and quietly as she could. 

The window was still wedged open with one of her old text books, she let out a sigh of relief and removed it carefully. Jumping back through the window, she pulled it shut behind her and kicked off her shoes. 

"Well, look who decided to drop by." the familiar voice sent chills up Lily's spine as she slowly spun around to face her father.  The lights flickered on, Lily's father stood against her door, his brown eyes gleaming with anger and disappointment. 

"Papa...I never meant to --"  Lily's words broke off as she noticed an empty bottle of Wild Turkey on her dresser. "Daddy! You're not supposed to be drinking, the doctor said--"

"I know damn well what he said!"  his deep voice boomed. Lily stumbled backward, catching herself on her bed. "Do you not remember what I told you about ever leaving this house?!" he took a loud step toward her with each word.

"Daddy! Please, I'm sorry!" Lily whined, her eyes filling with tears.  He stepped closer, slapping Lily hard across the face.  It took Lily a moment to realize what had happened, but the pain rippling through her face quickly reminded her.


Lily shook her head, snapping back into the cold, lonely life that was reality. She pulled herself close to her desk and logged into her online schooling program. Her algebra teacher Mrs. Brooks sat at the other end of the web-cam, setting up the appropriate powerpoints.  Lily heard her teacher start to ramble and flip through the slides but her mind was elsewhere.  She began to run through all the questions that flooded her mind.  Why was she not aloud to leave?  When would she ever make real friends?  Would she ever have a family of her own?

"...and "x" would equal?  Lily?" Mrs. Brooks asked, smiling that almost too-polite smile Lily hated. 

"'x" equals seven," Lily answered, yawning.  Mrs. Brooks nodded and praised her then continued with the lesson.  Lily listened patiently as her teacher closed the lesson, giving the class the assignments for this week. The screen went black and Lily logged out of class.

After another class had come and gone Lily's mind was racing. She glanced at her clock and smiled, the clock read 1:15. She quickly logged out of class and pulled up Google. She had exactly two hours before her father would come home with dinner. 

"I hope he's online..." she whispered to herself as she typed in the teen chat website. She couldn't help but hold her breath as her mouse clicked on "Online Friends".

AirGear7: Heya.(:

LilyPad: I had hoped you were on! <3

AirGear7: Of course I am, 1:30 every day.

LilyPad: I missed you so much.

AirGear7:  I missed you too, cam? 

LilyPad:  Definitely! 

Lily saw the screen flash "AirGear7 would like to video chat." She accepted and smiled when she saw him.  His black hair hung choppy over his beautiful blue eyes, he was wearing an Avenge Sevenfold t-shirt, and his usual necklace he constructed with a chain and an old bullet shell. 

"Well, hello Prince Charming." she said, grinning ear to ear. He stuck his tongue out, his cheeks turning a light pink. "You're looking awfully cute today."

"I'm not cute," he whined. Lily smiled and watched his cheeks burning up. "But you are." he grinned and stretched, taking a sip of Mountain Dew.

"Shush!" she squeaked.

Micha Ichi had been talking online with Lily for a little over a year. They first met the day Micha's mother had kicked him out, saying he was an ungrateful brat.  Micha logged into the chat as soon as he moved into his father's, hoping to make new friends, and what he found was so much more. Lily. 

Micha and Lily started dating a month after they met. They were inseparable. Lily would give her lie to be able to live closer to Micha. Although they were miles apart, it only made their love for each other stronger.

Lily lives in a small town in Texas named Humble, just a few minutes away from Houston. She rarely ever leaves town, ever since Lily's mother disappeared, Lily's father didn't approve of her leaving. Lily hardly remembered her mother, all she can see is her light brown hair and bright blue eyes. Lily was the spitting image of her mother, but had her fathers brown eyes. 

Micha lived in Green Bay, Wisconsin. He never leaves his desk, which is placed against the window so that he may look at the view of Bay Beach. Micha enjoys staring across the road, dreaming of a new life. He watched the couples walk around close to each other, holding hands and kissing, it made his heart ache. 

Micha's camera turned off, and Lily was alone once again.

LilyPad:  Hey where did you go?

AirGear7 has logged out. 

Lily frowned and stared at the screen in disbelief, her empty stomach tying in knots. It was unlike Micha to leave without her usual "I'll miss you more," argument. Lily waited another half an hour before logging out and fixing herself a bowl of Ramen noodles. Nothing was more unappetizing to her than that, but her stomach made a valid argument. She was starving. 

"Damn it, Lily!"  a voice screamed from behind the door. She jumped, her hands shaking as she climbed down the stairs.

"Daddy?" she whispered. Her father stood hunched over the sink washing a bowl. He slowly turned to glare down at her. Lily's father stood at 6'4" while Lily was nearly 5'3".  His dark beard roughly covered his face, the bones of his cheeks were visible as if he was deathly ill, or malnourished. 

"I told you, the only way I would allow you to have that computer in your room is if you do your part around this house," he slammed the bowl into the cupboard and turned to face her. "That includes washing the dishes, and cooking, like the woman of the house, it is your place!" his voice choked as he took a drag of the cigar that was burning in his ashtray.

"I"m sorry, daddy. I forgot." Lily softly whispered. Her fathers hand smacked hard against her cheek. Tears blinded her vision as he took her arm and dug the smoldering end of his cigar into the flesh of her arm. She couldn't scream, couldn't move, all she was able to do was stare into the deep, dark, empty eyes of her own flesh and blood.

"Go to bed. I can't bare to look at your face any longer." he sighed, releasing her. She backed away, not daring to look back, and immediately crawled into bed. That night, the same dream haunted her, just as it had for the past three years.



The next day Lily got up and checked her email, crossing her fingers as she clicked her inbox. A small smile played on her lips as she opened an email from Micha.

Dear Lily-Bear,

I'm sorry for leaving you yesterday, my dad caused another power-outage with all his stupid electronics filling up all the outlets. Hopefully you're not mad. :( <3

                                                      You're my world, hun.

                                                                      I love you.

                                                                                    - Micha

Lily smiled and blew a kiss at the screen. Often Lily has felt the urge to slit her wrists or drive a bullet through her head. Lily had OD'ed three times and nearly drank enough alcohol for her brain to shut down. Now, Micha had always been able to take away that pain with three simple words... "I love you.".

The End

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