Micha and Lily would stop at nothing to be with each other.

  Devon Valentine sat at his desk, his notes and books sprawled out along his wooden desk. A painful silence filled the house, only the merciless thumping of Mr. Valentine's heart was audible.  His hands gripped the desk tight, the knuckles of his hands turning white with the force of his grip.

"Devon, please come to bed, dear."  a soft whisper broke the silence.  A petite woman entered the room, her soft brown hair hanging in strands down her shoulders, and her soft blue eyes were outlined in dark purple circles. Devon sneered and looked up from his work, his voice echoing loudly throughout the house.

"I TOLD YOU, I HAVE WORK TO DO!"  his fist slammed down onto the table spilling a half empty glass of water, which had been sitting untouched for days.  The woman's eyes met his, her thin lips curving down into a hopeless frown as she spoke.

"I just thought..."  Before she was able to finish her sentence, he had thrown back his chair and stood just inches from her face.  Her mouth clamped shut, the smell of alcohol thick on her husband's breath.  She stepped back, her shoulders hitting the half open wooden door.  She sensed his anger, his normal bright brown eyes were faded to an unhealthy deep black.

"One...Two...Three..."  he mumbled, a trick his therapist had suggested when he sought help for his anger.  She let out a deep sigh, unaware she had been holding her breath.  "Ten...Sarah..." he whispered next to her ear.  "Sarah, Sarah, dear innocent Sarah..." his mouth twisted into a crooked smile as he slowly pulled a knife from the inside coat of his pocket. "Sa-ra-h..."

The End

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