CHAPTER 53: CowardMature

Five months went by and Draco never found out.  Five months of mood swings and cravings and vomiting for Alice.  But five months of pride and happiness for Snape and Alice both.

In the middle of the night, Alice laid in bed, still wide awake.  She'd thought Severus was asleep but then she saw him get up and leave.  When the door closed behind him, Alice got up and followed him.  She was careful to make sure he didn't know she was following him.  She followed him to the stairway that went up to the Astronomy tower.  There she peeked around the corner and saw him meet up with Bellatrix and Fenrir Greyback.  She cast a disillusionment charm on herself and followed them up the stairs.  When they reached the top, she saw Draco aiming at a wandless Dumbldore, his own wand trembling in his hand.

Severus pushed Draco out of the way.

"Severus, please . . . " said Dumbledore.

"Avada Kedavra!" yelled Snape.  Dumbledore flew backwards off the astronomy tower.

Alice removed her disillusionment charm.

"What are you doing here?" hissed Fenrir, stepping closer to her.  Alice's first reaction was defiance and fearlessness but then she remembered that she was human and stepped back.

"It's alright!" Severus replied to Fenrir.  "I was going to go and wake her to come with us anyway."

"Come on!" yelled Bella, "We've got to hurry up before someone wakes up, we've got orders from the Dark Lord; Get in, Kill Albus, and GET OUT!"

They ran down the steps of the castle and as they ran through the Great Hall, Bella and Alice played a game of "Break Everything in Sight."  Both of them cackled and squealed with laughter, breaking plates and shattering windows. 

Snape reminded them of what Bella had told them and then they kept running outside.  Bella lit Hagrid's house on fire and giggled at the dog trapped inside.

Harry ran out after them screaming at Snape.

"HE TRUSTED YOU!"  he screamed, firing hexes at Severus.

"Blocked again and again until you learn to mind closed," mocked Snape.


Snape hexed Harry and sent him flying through the air.

"Coward?  When your father got angry with me, he'd find Alice and attack her with his three other friends.  What would you call him?"

And with that, Snape grabbed Alice by the arm and disapparated. 

The End

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