CHAPTER 50: SwimmingMature

"I can't believe you told that Pansy girl she could be a bridesmaid," said Snape, sitting on the beach by the Black Lake with Alice cuddling next to him.

"I'm sorry!  I'm not actually going to let her!  said Alice.

"She'll be mad at you."

"Do you honestly think I care?  I mean, I was very happy that you proposed . . . what was it?  Four days ago?"

"Three," said Snape quietly.

"Right, three days ago and I was just crazy happy about it.  I wouldn't care if she threatened to pitch herself off the astronomy tower, I still wouldn't let her be a bridesmaid.  Let's just forget about it.  We can worry about the wedding later.  We've got the whole day with no classes, why don't we just enjoy ourselves?"  Snape smiled a bit reluctantly, like he wanted to add something, but decided not to. 

"How about we go swimming?!" Alice said excitedly.

"How about you go swimming?"

"Oh, come on, Sev . . . pleeeeeease?"

Snape shook his head.  "It's January, Alice.  How can you want to swim?"

"Fine.  I'll just swim by myself."

Alice ran into the water with her clothes on.  She dove deeper and deeper and before she realised it, her lungs were out of air.

Damn, she thought to herself.  She'd forgotten that she couldn't breath underwater now that she was human.

Meanwhile, Snape was on the beach, trying to remember whether or not he'd seen Alice put a bubble charm over her face.  He then saw her wand laying in the sand.  He remembered that vampires could breath underwater and obviously humans couldn't.  His last thought was an image of Alice drowning, and upon seeing this image in his head, he picked up his wand, cast a bubble carm over his mouth and nose and dove into the water looking desperately for Alice.  As he got deeper and deeper, the water got darker and darker and even with a Lumos charm, he still couldn't see very well.

After a few minutes he'd found her and grabbed onto her wrist.

"Ascendio!" he yelled.  They both shot up onto the sand and Snape quickly picked up Alice, and her wand and ran into the castle to the Hospital Wing.  She wasn't breathing, but he could faintly hear the little thump of her heartbeat.  

The End

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