CHAPTER 48: The LetterMature

Alice sat at the Slytherin table with Crabbe, Goyle and Malfoy.

"How do you talk to someone you've been giving the silent treatment to?"

"I dunno, usually you don't because you're giving them the silent treatment."

"Ha ha, very funny, Crabbe," said Alice sarcasticaly.

"You could send him a note," suggested Draco.

"Yeah, but what would I write?"

"Ask him to meet you somewhere," said Goyle.

"Yeah, but then we're back to the problem we had before of how to talk to him."

"Oh yeah," said Goyle.

"Why not wait for him to talk to you?" asked Crabbe.

"He won't talk to me, that's the problem.  He's pissed off at me."

"About what?"

Alice half-glanced at Draco.  He knew why Severus was mad at her.

"I-I dunno, maybe because I dumped him," lied Alice.

Crabbe and Goyle nodded.  Sometimes Alice didn't mind how thick they were.  Now was one of those times.

"I could talk to him," said Draco. 

"Noooo no no no," said Alice.  "That would never work.  We'd be better off sending him a note. . . . But what should I write?"

"Just tell him to meet you somwhere," said Crabbe.

"That's a good idea, I think," said Alice.

"I just said that ten minutes ago!" said Goyle.

"Yeah, but we weren't out of options when you said it," said Draco.

Alice got up without another word and walked to the common room.She sat down at a desk and took out a quill, ink and a piece of parchment.


Need to speak with you.  Meet me in the room where the Mirror of Esrid used to be at 6 o'clock tonight.  Come alone.


She gave the note to her owl and went off to class.

The rest of the day seemed to last forever.  When 6 o'clock finally came, she dropped of her books at the common room and ran down the empty hallway to the room where the Mirror of Esrid once stood.

Snape was waiting for her there.

"Severus -- "

"Wait.  there's something I want to tell you.  I'm so sorry about what I said.  I shouldn't have talked about Lily and I shouldn't have accused you of using Draco."

"He broke up with me."


"He caught on.  He figured out what I was doing, maybe even before I did.  You were right.  I'm sorry."

"Alice.  I want to prove to you that I don't love Lily.  I'm going to do something for you that I never even dreamt of doing for her," he said, taking her hand in both of his.  He got down on one knee.  Will you," he pulled out a small box from his pocket.  "Will you marry me?"  He opened the box and inside it was a silver ring with a tiny sapphire.

"I-I."  Alice was speechless.  "Severus I . . . Of course I will."

His whole face got ten times brighter.

"You will?"

"Of course, Severus!  I've waited nineteen years for you to ask me."

Snape smiled as he slipped the beautiful ring onto her ring finger on her left hand.

The End

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