CHAPTER 46: SecretsMature

Alice was feeling more and more guilt every seccond she spent with Draco.  She sometimes wondered whetther or not he had noticed it himself and just chose to ignore it.  Snape's words to her the last time they had spoken were unbearably true, but Alice was becoming dependent on Draco.  If they split up she would fall apart.  After eighteen years of being completely independent, she felt so weak and vulnerable.

She and Draco were sitting alone in the Slytherin common room.  Everyone else was at a Quiddich match between Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw.

"You haven't told anyone, have you?" asked Alice.

"No, of course not, why?"

"It's Pansy, she's been glaring at me nonstop!  You don't suppose she found out -- "

"No, I don't.  She knows you're the one who taught me how to cast a patronus, remember?  So she's pissed off at you because that's how I broke up with her."

"Are you positive that's why?" insisted Alice.  "What if she did find out?  What if she talks to your mum?  You know Cissy would never forgive me if she knew -- "

"I'm absolutely positive that not a single soul knows we are dating, Alice!" 

Draco was starting to get annoyed.  Alice was like this all the time.  Always paranoid that someone had found out they were together.  She'd almost made him make an Unbreakable Vow that he wouldn't tell anyone about it. He didn't really understand it. 

So what if his mum finds out I have a girlfriend? Draco thought to himself.  She knew about Pansy and that was fine by her.  While Draco was thinking to himself, Alice was also thinking to herself.

I'm sure he did tell someone, she thought.  Probably Crabbe or Goyle . . . or Nott.  I think I saw him talking to Nott the other day in Potions.  And Nott probably told Crabbe or Goyle and they told Pansy.  She was bound co complain so much that the news would eventually reach Cissy.  No, she thought.  There was no way Pansy would manage to tell Draco's mother.  But then again, Pansy does love to gossip . . .  Cissy'll never speak to me again . . . That' what I get for sleeping with her son . . .  She'll be even more pissed if she finds out what Snape said is true.

"I'm going to bed," said Draco.

"Yeah, me too," said Alice.  Draco went up to the boy's dormatory and Alice went to sleep on the couch in the common room, as usual.

The End

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