CHAPTER 40: Back to HogwartsMature

"What did he say?" asked Snape as he slid the compartment door shut.

"He just said to be good and loyal," said Alice.  Or he'll murder you, she added in her head.

"Really?  He didn't threaten you or anything?"

"Honestly, Sev, being in the room alone with him was threatening enough."

"You're sure he didn't threaten you?"


Alice slept with the head leaned on Snape's shoulder for the rest of the train ride.

When they got to Hogwarts they were all searched. 

"And what's in here?" asked Filch hoding up Alice's bottle of Firewhiskey.

"It's Firewhiskey you idiot," she said snatching it out of his hand.

"And this one?"  He held up another, smaller bottle.

"It's a potion.  Slughorn made it, it's supposed to help with the side effects of the first potion."  She yanked that bottle from his grasp as well, then stomped into the castle.

As she walked down the Hall to Slytherin table, she saw a fifth year from Ravenclaw staring at her.  She sat with Draco, Pansy, Crabbe and Goyle.

"Is it just me?" asked Crabbe.  "Or does that Ravenclaw boy look like he has a crush on you?"

"Yeah, I noticed him staring at me."

"Staring at you?" asked Goyle.  "Looked like he was staring at you ass to me."  He laughed.

"Yeah," said Alice.

They ate dinner and then went to Slytherin House.

The End

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