CHAPTER 38: ChristmasMature

Severus was sitting on the couch.  Alice was on top of him while they were snogging.  She ran her fingers through his black hair.  He gazed intensley into her dark blue eyes.

"Wormtail!" yelled Alice.  Wormtail walked through the bookshelf/door.

"Yes, Ms. Alice?" he hissed.

"Could you run upstairs and make Severus's bed a tad bit bigger?"

She giggled and continued kissing Snape.  Wormtail ran upstairs; Snape and Alice followed shortly after.  Wormtail sat on his bed in the tiney spare room Snape made him sleep in.  He could hear Alice and Snape from his room.

"Oh, Severus . . . "

Wormtail could hear her screams of pleasure echoing through the house for a few minutes and then everything was quiet.  Wormtail assumed they'd gone to sleep.

The next morning, Alice and Snape came downstairs.

"Wormtail must still be in bed," said Alice, smoothing her messy hair.  "Look!  Packages!  Two for each of us!  I wonder who they're from!  I have to get something out of my room -- wait here!"

Alice ran upstairs and then back down, holding a large bottle wrapped in brown paper.

As it turned out, only one of the packages was for Snape; the other three were for Alice.  Narcissa gave Alice The Monster Book of Monsters.

"I think our third-years use that as their textbook for Care of Magical Creatures," said Snape.

"Really?  What book did we use?"

"I don't remember . . . I think it was Monsters: Third Year Edition or something like that."

Alice nodded.  "Yeah, that sounds familiar."

Alice opened the other two packages for her.  Bellatrix gave her a bottle of firewhiskey, Draco gave her a Pygmee Puff.

"It's so cute!" exclaimed Alice.

Snape opened his gift from Narcissa: a goblin-made pocket knife.

"What's the card say?" asked Alice.  Snape handed it to her.


Thank you for helping Draco.  So sorry to hear about what happened to Alice.  This is so you can slit that bastard Zabini's throat.

Yours Truly,


Alice gave a weak smile, but Snape could see she was about to have another emotional breakdown.  She sat still for a few moments and then started crying.  Snape held her close to him.

"I'm sorry . . . I'm . . . sorry . . . I didn't want . . . him to . . . "

"Shh . . . " said Snape.  "I'm not mad at you, I'm mad at him for hurting you . . . Shh . . . It's okay, it's okay . . . " He stopped hugging her.  "Here, I have a present for you."  He pulled a small box out of his pocket and placed it in Alice's hand.  Inside of the box was a small, heart-shaped locket.

"It's beautiful," said Alice.

"Open it."

Inside was a photo of Alice, Lily and Severus together laughing.  The same photo that had been by Snape's bedside in his room at Hogwarts.  Alice smiled.

"All I got you was this," she said handing Severus the bottle.  He unwrapped the paper to reveal a bottle of red wine.  "It's not much . . . I knew you liked the elf-made wine . . . "

"Thanks, Alice."

"Oh, it was nothing, really," said Alice, putting her locket around her neck.

"The Dark Lord will be having a meeting tonight."

"On Christmas?  A mass-murderer is having a meeting for his followers on Christmas?  The irony is unbelievable."

Snape laughed.  Alice spent the rest of the day reading and bossing Wormtail around.

They apparated to Voldemort's hideout at around 6pm.

Alice could feel the vomit coming up her throat, but swallowed it back down.

"You didn't puke that time," said Snape encouragingly.  Alice stuck out her tongue.  "Oh."

They walked into the hideout and Snape sat in the chair next to Voldemort.  Alice sat next to Snape.

"Ah, Severus," said Voldemort quietly.  "You're nearly late.  And Alice, you look . . . different from when you were here last.  You seem to be lacking some of your vampire traits."

Alice said nothing.

"You have made yourself useless to me."

"My lord," said Bella.

"Silence yourself, Bellatrix."  He turned to Alice.  "Crucio!"  Alice screamed.  With a flick of his wand, Voldemort flung her across the room where she his the wall.  Silver blood poured onto the floor. 

"My Lord, please," said Severus.  Voldemort released Alice from the curse and she hit the floor with a thud.  "Don't punish her.  It is my fault that she's human.  She was worried that she might unintentionally kill me.  She was trying to keep me safe.  Please.  I'm begging you to spare her.  Surely you know about what has happened in the last few days."

"Ah, yes," said Lord Voldemort.  "I believe you speak of the incodent with Zabini?"

Snape nodded.

"Very well.  As long as she proves to be a loyal follower, I shall show mercy."

"Thank you my Lord."

Snape stood and walked to where Alice lay in a heap on the floor, fully concious, but in too much pain to move.  He helped her to her seat.

"I shall speak to Alice alone after we are through."

The End

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