CHAPTER 36: Spinner's EndMature

The train came to a hault at platform 9 and 3/4.  Alice stood up and smoothed down her red leather mini skirt (which some Ravenclaw had complimented on how well it went with her black and white striped shirt).  She grabbed her trunk and followed Snape off the train and onto the platform.

They walked through the wall onto the muggle platform and Snape spoke to her.

"Apparate to Spinner's End, by the -- "

"By the river, I know, Sev, I remember."

Snape smiled and they apparated.

For any muggles reading this, or underage witches and wizzards, apparating feels like being sucked into a vaccum cleaner.  A very small, very uncomfortable vaccum cleaner.  And when you come out of it, you feel very dizzy and sometimes naucious.

When Alice appeared at Spinner's End, Snape was already there.  The seccond her black riding boots touched the ground, she threw up.  When she stopped vomiting, Snape pointed his wand at a nearby fox and said "Feri Verto!"

The fox turned into a small goblet.  Snape picked it up from the ground.

"Aguamente!" he said.  He handed the glass of water to Alice and she drank it.

"Every bloody time . . . " she said.  "I swear, I'll never apparate again."

"You'll stay here with Wormtail tonight then?"  asked Snape.

"What do you mean?"

"The order's meeting tonight."


"Well, I can't speak the name, I'm not the secret-keeper."

"Oh, is that why you haven't told the Dark Lord?"

"Um, yes . . . I-I guess so."

"You mean, even if you could tell him, you wouldn't?"

Snape said nothing.

"I thought you were Lord Voldemort's spy."

"Dumbledore's spy," Snape corrected.  Alice tried to hide her left arm as discreetly as possible.  It didn't work.  "Oh, Alice, you didn't . . . "  Alice frowned and held out her left arm.  She rolled up the sleeve and when there was nothing there, Snape relaxed a little.  Then, she pulled out her wand and pressed it to the inside of her forearm.

"Specialus Revelio," she said.

The Dark Mark appeared gradually, starting from the spot where Alice touched her arm and out from there, like ripples in a pond.  When it had fully appeared, Alice looked up at Snape.

"I-I didn't . . . If I knew you were . . . He threatened to kill me, Sev.  If-if I didn't join.  And Bella is . . . and Cissy . . . and her son . . . I-I thought you . . . I'm sorry."

"What were you thinking  Do you realise that you aren't a vampire anymore?  That's the only reason why he wanted to recruit you!  Once he find's out that you're human, he won't want you!"  Alice said nothing.  Snape sighed.  "I suppose we'll just have to hope for the best.  There's nothing we can do now."

The two of them went inside the house.  The entire perimeter of the room was lined with bookshelves covered in dusty old books.  Alice immediately felt comforted by the leather-bound pages.

"Wormtail can bring your trunk upstairs," said Snape, ficking his wand at one of the bookshelves, which swung open like a door.  Behind the shelf stood a repulsive, rat-like Peter Pettigrew.  Alice glared at her old enemy from scool and a wicked little smile spread across her face.

Without saying a word, she tapped her wand on her trunk.  It copied itself again and again until twelve trunks stood in Severus's sitting room.

Wormtail snarled at her and she responded with a wide grin.

He dragged the trunks upstairs one-by-one.  As he pulled the last trunk up the stairs he muttered "What the devil is in here, rocks?"

Alice flicked her wand and the latch on the trunk came undon.  Fifteen rather large rocks came tumbling down the stairs out of her trunk.

"Wormtail," said Alice.  "Please don't drop my things."  She grinned deviously as Wormtail walked down the steps, cursing to himself, gathering rocks in his arms.  Snape chuckled.

"All of the other ones had rocks, too," she said.  "Except the first one."

"We have to leave now or we'll be late," said Snape.

"Alright, where do I apparate -- oh right, you can't speak the name."

"We'll have to do side-along apparation."

"I might throw up on you." said Alice.

"I'm sure it wouldn't irritate me as much as when McLaggen did."  Alice laughed and they held hands.  "We'll be back at nine, Wormtail," Snape called upstairs.  Then, they apparated.

The End

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