CHAPTER 34: ConfessionMature

"Draco, go with Proffessor Slughorn to get the Veritaserum," said Proffessor Snape.

"That won't be neccissary," said Draco.

"And why is that?"  Snape's voice was so cold and full of hostility that it was like speaking to a dementor.

"I-I know who did it."  Goyle, Crabbe and Pansy were now looking at him.  Even Alice, in her agony, gazed up at him.  "It was Blaise."  Pansy gasped.  Crabbe and Goyle looked at hi as though he had lost his mind.

"How would you know?"

"Well, he was missing, the night it happened.  And he told me he was going to do it . . . I never could've imagined him really doing it though.  Thought he was just joking." 

"Slughorn," said Snape.  "I need only one vile of veritaserum.  In my office."

Proffessor Slughorn and Malfoy left the room to get the potion.  Severus kissed Alice on the cheek, stroking the spot where Mudblood was carved into her arm.  Her tatoo (on her other arm) was still invisible.

Snape walked to Slytherin House.


"Parseltongue."  The door opened and without saying a word, Snape grabbed Blaise by the arm and pulled him out into the corridor.

"Hey!  What the hell -- "

"My office.  Now."

Snape dragged him to his office where Slughorn and Draco waited.  All but one of the photos of Alice were empty.

"Sit down." said Snape icily.  Blaise sat in a small chair on the opposite side of the desk that Severus was sitting at.

"What the hell is this all about?  I didn't do anything!"

"Lies," hissed Snape.  "Where were you last night at 11:30?"

"I was in bed."

"Liar," said malfoy.  "Pansy said you never came back after dinner."

"I was in the lavatory and then I went to the house."

"Pansy told me she was waiting for you in the common room," argued Draco.  "She would've seen you."

"She must've dozed off just before I came back."

"We have veritaserum," said Snape.  "So if I were you, I wouldn't lie."

"I didn't do anything wrong."

"Horace," said Snape.  "If you would."

Slughorn shoved the end of the bottle into Blaise's mouth and tipped his head back.  He yanked out the bottle and Blaise looked at Snape again.

"Now," said Severus.  "Where were you last night?" he demanded.

"In the dungeon.  I knew she'd gone to the stupid party and that she'd have to pass by the dungeon to go back to the common room.  She went looking for you and I pulled her into the dungeon  No one ever goes in there.  It would've all gone perfectly if you han't gone looking for her."

"You're not telling us everything . . . " said Draco.  "You know I would'e told them it was you.  You're not that stupid."

"Isn't it obvious?  I would've put you under the imperious curse and had you tell everyone that you did it."

"You filthy little bastard," said Draco.

"Horace," said Snape.  "Have Minera contact the ministry."

As Slughorn opened the door to leae, Blaise tried to escape out the door.

"Petrificus Totalus!" yelled Draco.

Blaise fell to the floor.  Moments later, Slughorn returned with McGonagall.

"I've sent a patronus to the ministry," she said.  "They should be here soon."  She looked at Blaise's paralized body.  "I don't understand how anyone could do such a dreadful thing.  It's horrrible just thinking about it.  She's in the hospital wing, lying there in such pain and agony that she's been begging Madame Pomphrey to kill her.

Snape glared at Blaise.

The End

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