CHAPTER 28: BulliesMature

Alice spent the rest of her free period doing homework.  Then, she headed outside for Care of Magical Creatures.  That was her favorite class (besides Defense Against the Dark Arts, but she only liked that class because Severus taught it.)

She got to Hagrid's Hut a few minutes early so he showed her a few of the animals she'd missed during the five days she'd been at Malfoy Mannor.  Most of the creatures weren't live animals.  Several were just photos in her text book and a few were tiney scale models that moved and behaved much like the actual creatures themselves.  When the rest of the class arrived, Hagrid brought them into the woods.

"Come along, class," said Hagrid.  "I got a real treat fer ya."

Next to one of the trees was a small cage.

"This here," continued Hagrid, "Is perhaps the rarest magical creature in the world."  Alice started writing in her notebook:


"It's called a leechrat," said Hagrid, opening the cage door.  Out came a creature that sort of looked like a ferret but with the only teeth being a pair of two-inch long fangs on the top and a pair of one-inch long fangs on the bottem.  Alice sketched it quickly in her notebook.

"That's what we ought to call Alice!" yelled an obnoxious Gryffindor. 

"Alice, do you live in a cage like him?" said another Gryffindor.  The whole class boomed with laughter and then they all started chanting "Leechrat!  Leechrat  Leechrat!  Leechrat!"

"Hey!" shouted Hagrid.  "Now you stop that right now!  All of yer!  I won't have none o' that in my class!  What happened to Ms. Thorne was not her fault!  It was a terrible accident and ya oughta be ashamed of yerselves fer saying such nasty things!  There won't be any more bullyin' in my class or in any other one!"  The actual leechrat crawled onto Alice's lap and curled up in a ball before falling asleep.  "Class dismissed!"

Alice stayed behind.

"Why'd you do it?" she said.  "Why'd you stop them?"

"I dunno, they were bein rude I s'pose.  What else was I supposed ta do?"

Alice thought about what she'd always done when Cissy and Bella made fun of Lily Evans and called her a Mudblood.

"Ignore it," she said.  "Pretend you didn't hear them."  And with that, she ran up to the castle.

The End

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