CHAPTER 26: Snape's RoomMature

Later that evening, Snape showed Alice his bedroom.  It was a small room with a king-sized bed, a nightstand with a picture on it.  In the picture was Alice, Severus and Lily Evans laughing together.  Severus and Lily looked about 15, so Alice must've been 13.  The walls were covered by bookshelves with books and various magical objects: a remembral, a couple pictures of Alice and one of Lily, a small pensive, and some potion ingredients.

"So . . . um you can change in here.  I'll just, um, go in my closet I guess."


Severus walked into the closet and left Alice alone.  Alice pulled off her robes and threw on her little nightgown.  It was short (just above her knees), tight, pink and frilly.  She looked around at the photos on the shelves.

Soon Severus came out.  He smiled.

"You look pretty," he said.

"It's a vampire trait," said Alice.  "It' supposed to lure in prey."  She continued looking around the room as she spoke.  "I really hate it.  Being a vampire.  I don't even like being prettier.  I would rather have had that other vampire kill me."

"Don't say that," said Severus.  "I love you -- human or vampire."

"You wouldn't have that scar on your arm is I'd died."

Severus started to argue but then decided not to.  "It's nearly midnight," he said.

They both got in the bed.

"You have no idea," said Alice.  "How much strength it takes for me not to turn around and bite you.  And you'd be dead in a few minnutes."

He stroked his fingers through her hair.

"Every moment I spend with you is worth the risk."

"Won't be long . . . and I won't have to fight it anymore.  I'll be human and you'll be safe."

The End

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