CHAPTER 24: Weakening ChainsMature

Alice flew with the massive swarm of owls headed towards Hogwarts.  Once they got into the castle, Alice changed into a bat and flew up to the Astronomy tower.  It was noon, but where was Severus?  Maybe he was simply running late.  She was sure that was it.

She changed back into human form while she waited.  From there things seemed to happen in a blur.  Men and women came in and circled around her with raised wands.  One disarmed her and another cast a spell that put her in chains.  She suddenly felt weaker.  Her strength was fading.  What the hell kind of chains were these?  Her legs shook and she collapsed to the floor.  Two men picked her up by her arms and dragged her downstairs.

"Get out of the way!" one of them shouted.  Students and teachers swarmed the corridors trying to see what was going on.

"Alice!" yelled Snape, pushing through the crowd.  "Alice what the hell are yo doing here?"

"You sent me that letter."

"What letter?"

"The one where you said to meet you at the astronomy tower at noon."

"Alice, I never sent you any letters."

"But then, who sent the letter?  It said it was from you."

"I sent it," said Ron Weasley.  He pushed people aside.  "It was a trap.  So they could have you."  He nodded towards the men holding her.

"They're from the ministry then, I presume?" asked Alice.

"Yeah," said Ron.

"Please," said Severus.  "Please Proffessor Dumbledore, there has to be another way."

"I do know of a potion that Proffessor Slughorn has been working on."

"Please Proffessor," moaned Alice, growing weaker by the seccond.

"Kingsley, Lupin, if you would release the girl.

"But Proffessor," said Lupin.  "She could hurt someone."

"I highly doubt that," said Dumbledore.

The chains vanished and Severus picked up Alice and carried her to Slughorn's office.  Kingsley, Lupin and Slughorn followed.  Alice weakly lifted her head to look at Lupin.

"Remus," she said.  "I would think you -- of all people -- would understand me."

"Tell us about your potion, Proffessor Slughorn," said Dumbledore.

"Well," said Slughorn.  "To put it bluntly, it will make Alice human once again.  She will no longer crave blood, she will be slow and weak like a human and she will be mortal again.  There are a few flaws, however.  She still will not age, she will still have silver blood and she will remain infertile."

"I won't be dangerous anymore," said Alice to Severus.

"I know," said Snape, brushing a strand of hair out of Alice's face.

 "How come no one's ever heard of this potion before?" asked Kingsley.

"Well," said Slughorn, "There are only a handful of vampires that are also wizzards or witches.  The muggle ampires are not allowed to know of magic's existance, like mortal muggles.  And of those few wizzard vampires, Alice is the only one I've ever known that wished to be mortal.  Why is that Alice?"

"I just don't want to have to live without the people I love," she said, looking at Severus.

"Unfortunately I don't have any brewed at the moment and I would need to make some," said Slughorn.

"How long would that take?" asked Alice.

"Two to three days," said Slughorn.  Alice glanced at Dumbledore.

"Very well," said Dumbedore.  "Alice stays here."

Dumbledore, Slughorn, Remus, Kingsley and Snape -- still carrying Alice -- walked back to the Great Hall.

"So where's my reward?" said Ron.  "For getting her."  He gestured at Alice.

"Reward?" said Snape.  "Oh, right, three months of detention and you're banned from Hogsmeade for two weeks."

"But?  -- But -- she's wanted by the Ministry!!!  It-it was in The Prophet!!!"

Snape ignored him and turned to Dumbledore.

"It's not safe for her to stay in Slytherin's dormatories, at least not until she's human," said Dumbledore.  "So perhaps she could stay with you in your room?"

"Yes," said Snape.  "That would be fine."

"What about me being wanted?" asked Alice.

"You'll be human and the ministry will pardon you," said Snape.

"Go to your classes!" said Dumbledore to the students and teachers.

"I've got Transfiguration," said Alice.

"You're still weak, you need to rest," said Snape.

"Don't be so protective," said Alice.  "How much strength could I possibly need for Transfiguration?  It's not like I'll be wrestling a hippogriff or anything."

"Fine," said Snape.  "But you still need me to carry you."  Alice squirmed a bit.

"I think I could walk," she said, "If something was supporting my upper body."

Snape gently set her down on her feet, but kept his hands on her ribcage, just below her breasts, so he was holding her upright. She walked slowly but with every step she felt stronger.  After ten or fifteen minnutes she reached McGonagall's classroom.  Snape pushed open the doors.

"Sorry I'm late," said Alice.

"That's fine," said McGonagall.  "Why don't you take a seat next to Draco?"

"Do you need me to help you over there?" asked Snape.

"No, I-I'm fine," said Alice.  She leaned on the wall for support as she walked over to Draco's seat.  Draco got up to help her the same way that Severus had, except his hands were firmly squeezing her breasts.

"Um, that's alright, I can get over there myself," she said, pushing herself away from him and nearly falling over.  "Augh," she muttered.


The End

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