CHAPTER 23: The LetterMature

Alice awoke on the floor of the living room with blankets everywhere.

The fort must've fallen down, she thought to herself.

She could smell pancakes coming from the kitchen and got up to join Cissy and Bella.

"Oh good Alice, you're awake," said Cissy.

"Excellent.  Sleeping beauty finally awoke from her magical slumber . . . what a load of bull shit that is!  Can you believe that's their idea of magic?" laughed Bella.  "It's completely idiodic.

"That's muggles for you," said Cissy.  Alice laughed.

"I didn't know you read muggle books, Bella," said Alice.

"I don't," she said.  "I just killed a little girl once and thats the garbage she was reading."

"I'll stick with Babbidy Rabbidy," said Alice.

"Still your favorite, is it?" sked Bella.

"Since I killed my mum and dad," said Alice with a smile.  "Did you ever read The Tales of Beedle the Bard to Draco, Cissy?"

"Some of them," Narcissa replied, flipping over a few pancakes.

"Good God," said Bella.  "There are only three of us!  How much do you expect us to eat?"

Alice and Cissy laughed.

"Mail's here!" yelled Bella.

A fierce-looking black owl handed Bellatrix a small stack of envelopes.  She looked to see who it was addressed to.

"Cissy...Cissy...Cissy...Cissy...Cissy...Cissy...Ooh!  This one's for Alice.  From Severus -- how romantic!!!"  said Bellatrix waving it around in the air.

"Just give me the damn envelope, Bella!!!"

"Come and get me first!"

Alice ran very fast, so it wasn't hard to pin Bella against the wall.  Bellatrix handed her the envelope.  Alice tore it open and read it.

Dear Alice,

I can't stand to be apart from you any longer.  Please come and visit me.  Meet me on Thursday at the astronomy tower at noon.  I love you.


"Aww!" said Alice.

"What is it?" asked Cissy.

"He wants me to visit him!"

"And exactly how do you expect to get into Hogwarts?" asked Narcissa.

"I'll sneak in with the owl, of course," said Alice.  "What day is it?"

"Thursday," said Bella.

"I have to get down there!  Right now!"

"Wait, Alice.  This sounds sketchy," said Bella.  "It just seems out of character for Snape to ask you to do something so dangerous."

"I don't care, Bella.  I'm going."

Alice morphed into an owl and flew off towards Hogwarts.

The End

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